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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

artist/song/approximate year
[album and label in place of song and year for (N)ew release]

gary numan/i die you die/80
postal service/recycled air/03
pulp/she's a lady/94
goldfrapp/strict machine/02
goldfrapp/head first/mute (N)
black keys/brothers/nonesuch (N)
black tambourine/s/t/slumberland (reissue?)
club 8/people's record/labrador (N)
hooray for earth/momo/dovecote (N)
new young pony club/the optimist/the numbers (N)
crystal castles/s/t/fiction (N)
band of horses/infinite arms/columbia (N)
wintersleep/new inheritors/self-release (N)
the national/high violet/4ad (N)
jonsi/go/xl (N)
the knife/silent shout/07
fm belfast/how to make friends.../kimi (N)
gene loves gezebel/motion of love/88
pack AD/we kill computers/mint (N)
futureheads/the chaos/dovecote (N)
presets/talk like that/08
new order/perfect kiss/86
la roux/bulletproof/09
wild moccasins/skin collision past/self release (N)
wakey wakey/almost everything/self release (N)
future island/evening air/thrill jockey (N)
stereo alligator/s/t/independent (N)
ultravox/dancing with tears in my eyes/84
stone temple pilots/sex type thing/93
godfathers/birth school work death/91
thompson twins/into the gap/86
uh huh her/not a love song/08
portishead/sour times/95
candyflip/strawberry fields/91
covenant/we are men/05
depeche mode/suffer well/05
q lazarus/goodbye horses/92


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