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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

fiona apple/tidal/sleep to dream/96
interpol/antics/take you on a cruise/04
hurricane #1/s/t/step into my world/97
the darkness/one way ticket.../...to hell and back/05
art brut/bang bang rock n roll/downtown (N)
gnarls barkley/st elsewhere/downtown (N)
arling and cameron/we are a & c/dirty robot/01
joy electric/robot rock/monosynth/97
kid 606/pretty girls make raves/tigerbeat6 (N)
ministry/with sympathy/effigy/83
wolfsheim/casting shadows/find you're gone/03
she wants revenge/s/t/geffen (N)
small sins/s/t/astralwerks (N)
dirty on purpose/hallelujah sirens/north street (N)
pulp/his n hers/pink glove/94
icicle works/s/t/whisper to a scream/84
the cure/kiss me/torture/87
phoenix/it's never been like that/astralwerks (N)
bedroom walls/all good.../baria (N)
yeah yeah yeahs/show your bones/interscope (N)
the rapture/echoes/house of jealous lovers/03
psychedelic furs/mirror moves/here comes cowboys/84
my favorite/love at absolute zero/working class jacket/99
futureheads/news and tributes/vagrant (N)
ladytron/light and magic/blue jeans/02
alias and tarsier/brookland oaklyn/anticon (N)
junkie xl/today/ultra (N)
gracer/voices travel/revelation (N)
smiths/louder than bombs/stretch out and wait/87
swervedriver/99th dream/electric 77/98

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

apoptygma berzerk/welcome to earth/starsign/00
u2/pop/do you feel loved/97
scissor sisters/s/t/laura/04
mates of state/bring it back/barsuk (N)
the walkmen/hundred miles off/record collection (N)
mojave 3/puzzles like you/4ad (N)
my morning jacket/z/off the record/05
elefant/black magic show/kemado (N)
curve/doppelganger/already yours/91
raveonettes/chain gang of love/great love sound/03
radiohead/pablo honey/ripchord/93
pink noise test/plasticized/all the same to me/97
big wreck/in loving memory of/the oaf/97
cocteau twins/heaven or las vegas/iceblink luck/90
robin guthrie/continental/darla (N)
art brut/bang bang rock n roll/downtown (N)
psychedelic furs/forever now/president gas/82
she wants revenge/s/t/geffen (N)
the faint/danse macabre/the conductor/02
les savy fav/go forth/reprobates resume/01
waitresses/wasn't tomorrow wonderful?/i know what boys like/82
band of horses/everything all the time/subpop (N)
two gallants/what the toll tells/saddle creek (N)
john ralston/needle bed/vagrant (N)
alias and tarsier/brookland oaklyn/anticon (N)
depeche mode/speak and spell/photographic/81
warlocks/phoenix/moving and shaking/02
teenage fanclub/bandwagonesque/what you do to me/91
they might be giants/s/t/hotel detective/85
essex green/cannibal sea/merge (N)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

helmet/meantime/in the meantime/92
sunny day real estate/diary/in circles/94
the cloud room/s/t/black out/05
big country/the crossing/fields of fire/83
art brut/bang bang rock n roll/downtown (N)
arctic monkeys/whatever people..../domino (N)
singapore sling/the curse off.../roadkill/03
stellastarr/harmonies of the haunted/sweet troubled soul/05
the bravery/s/t/honest mistake/05
we are scientists/with love and squalor/great escape/06
depeche mode/speak and spell/new life/81
couch/figur 5/morr (N)
serena maneesh/s/t/beggars banquet (N)
states/multiply not divide/diy (N)
mojave 3/puzzles like you/4ad (N)
tilly and the wall/bottoms of barrels/team love (N)
conjure one/s/t/manic star/02
william orbit/hello waveforms/sanctuary (N)
hooverphonic/blue wonder power milk/eden/98
rem/life's rich pageant/fall on me/86
band of horses/everything all the time/subpop (N)
grandaddy/just like the fambly cat/v2 (N)
high violets/to where you are/reverb (N)
coldcut/sound mirrors/ninja tune (N)
kate bush/hounds of love/running up that hill/85
hayden/everything i long for/bad as they seem/96
altered images/pinky blue/i could be happy/82
primus/sailing the seas of cheese/jerry was a race car driver/91
longwave/strangest things/everywhere you turn/03
the cult/electric/love removal machine/87
follow the train/a breath of sigh/darla (N)
concretes/in colour/astralwerks (N)
essex green/cannibal sea/merge (N)
robin guthrie/continental/darla (N)

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