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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

radiothon march 18-april 14

artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

stone roses/s/t/i wanna be adored/89
doves/lost souls/sea song/01
slowdive/souvlaki/some velvet morning/93
air/talkie walkie/astralwerks (N)
volcano i'm still excited!!/s/t/polyvinyl (N)
all night radio/spirit stereo frequency/subpop (N)
starsailor/silence is easy/capitol (N)
raveonettes/-single-/christmas song/03
the elected/me first/subpop (N)
lights/beautiful bird/boptart (N)
liars/they were wrong.../mute (N)
challenger/give people.../jade tree (N)
green day/1039..../at the library/90
ima robot/s/t/alive/03
casual dots/s/t/kill rock stars (N)
skywave/synthstatic/alison-blisscent (N)
trans am/liberation/thrill jockey (N)
sleater-kinney/one beat/oh!/02
the walkmen/bows&arrows/record collection (N)
smiths/strangeways here we come/stop me if.../87
ned's atomic dustbin/god fodder/cut up/91
supergrass/in it for the money/going out/97
new order/power, corruption, lies/age of consent/83
assemblage 23/defiance/fallen down/02
thomas dolby/golden age of wireless/europa/82
elefant/sunlight makes me paranoid/now that i miss her/03
built to spill/keep it like a secret/you were right/99
pulp/this is hardcore/help the aged/98
spiritualized/let it come down/straight and narrow/01
franz ferdinand/s/t/domino (N)
hartfield/true color, true lie/clairecords (N)
envy corps/soviet reunion/bi-fi (N)
camera obscura/underachievers.../merge (N)
kevin devine/make the clocks move/triple crown (N)
halloween alaska/s/t/princess (N)
illoin/pinafore/notenuf (N)
valley of the giants/s/t/arts&crafts (N)
icecake/ambient extraction/supple (N local)
the orb/...adventures beyond.../little fluffy clouds/92
ill lit/i need you/badman (N)
ocean blue/cerulean/questions of travel/92

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

radiothon march 16-april 14

artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

charlatans/up to our hips/feel flows/94
swervedriver/mezcal head/duel/93
raveonettes/chain gang of love/remember/03
walkmen/bows&arrows/record collection (N)
ima robot/s/t/alive/03
air/talkie walkie/astralwerks (N)
camera obscura/underachievers.../merge (N)
mascott/dreamer's book/red panda (N)
pascal/oh honey...EP/le grand magistery (N)
faraway places/unfocus on it/eenie meenie (N)
volcano i'm still excited!/s/t/polyvinyl (N)
say hi to your mom/numbers&mumbles/euphobia (N)
features/the beginning/universal (N)
liars/they were wrong.../mute (N)
numbers/in my mind all the time/tigerbeat6 (N)
skywave/synthstatic/alison-blisscent (N)
cooper temple clause/kick up the fire.../morning (N)
lights/beautiful bird/bop tart (N)
amps for christ/people at large/5rc (N)
the elected/me first/subpop (N)
kevin devine/make the clocks move/triple crown (N)
electrelane/power out/beggars (N)
blake babies/sunburn/out there/90
pulp/different class/something changed/95
ocean blue/cerulean/mercury/91
echo&the bunnymen/s/t/bedbugs&ballyhoo/87
frankie goes to hollywood/welcome to.../two tribes/85
freezepop/forever/plastic stars/01
cocteau twins/love's easy tears EP/orange-appled/86
elefant/sunlight.../tonite let's dance/03
interpol/turn on the bright lights/the new/02
radiohead/the bends/street spirit/95
spiritualized/lazer guided melodies/shine a light/92
satellite lost/bows&arrows.../break even (N local)
fellow project/if we were mariachis/burnitdownrebuild (N local)
desirae/riding in...EP/diy (N local)
polyphonic spree/beginning stages of.../good/02
concrete blonde/pump up the volume sndtrck/everybody knows/90
tanita tikaram/ancient heart/twist in my sobriety/89
whirlaway/pompano/whirlaway music (N)
halloween,alaska/s/t/princess (N)

Wednesday, February 11, 2004


artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

medicine/shot forth self living/one more/93
kitty craft/beats&breaks.../par 5/98
pulp/different class/live bed show/95
liars/they threw us..../mr. you're on fire mr./02
walkmen/bows&arrows/record collecton (N)
volcano i'm still excited!/s/t/polyvinyl (N)
john vanderslice/cellar door/barsuk (N)
sun kil moon/ghosts of the great highway/jetset (N)
run run run/drizzle EP/the first time (N)
cooper temple clause/kick up the fire.../morning (N)
repercussions/-single-/esche (N local)
yes sensei/we who transplant, sustain/roklok (N local)
skywave/synthstatic/alison-blisscent (N)
ima robot/alive EP/virgin (N)
statistics/leave your name/jade tree (N)
the pale/gravity gets things done/sidecho (N)
lux curageous/s/t EP/diy (N local)
with every idle hour/distance between/collapser/03
jawbreaker/dear you/save your generation/95
appleseed cast/two conversations/losing touching../03
kevin devine/make the clocks move/triple crown (N)
the church/forget yourself/spinart (N)
smiths/strangeways.../unhappy birthday/87
interpol/turn on the bright lights/say hello to the angels/02
paul van dyk/out there and back/tell me why/00
distain/cement garden/confession/95
luke slater/alright on top/stars and heroes/02
vnv nation/burning empires EP/further/00
earthling massive/evolver EP/way of i/03
sonic youth/murray street/disconnection notice/02
depeche mode/music for the masses/little 15/87
whirlaway/pompano/whirlawaymusic (N)
slowdive/souvlaki/when the sun hits/93
the verve/no come down/6 o'clock/93
spiritualized/ladies&gentlemen.../cool waves/97
the cure/disintegration/homesick/89

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