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Wednesday, January 26, 2005


artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

ulrich schnauss/strangely isolated place/domino (N)
hidden cameras/mississauga goddam/rough trade (N)
low/great destroyer/subpop (N)
slingshot dakota/keener sighs/immigrant sun (N)
m83/before the dawn heals us/mute (N)
lemon jelly/64-95/xl (N)
octopus project/one, ten, hundred.../peekaboo (N)
interpol/turn on the bright lights/untitled/02
the cure/disintegration/prayers for rain/89
ride/today forever EP/unfamiliar/91
covenant/northern light/we want revolution/02
killers/hot fuss/things that i've done/04
mercury rev/all is dream/little rhymes/01
smiths/louder than bombs/asleep/87
my morning jacket/chapter 1/darla (N reissue)
joanna newsom/milk-eyed mender/drag city (N)
joseph arthur/our shadows will remain/echo park/04
styrofoam/nothings lost/morr (N)
delays/faded seaside glamour/nearer than heaven/04
beach boys/summer days/help me rhonda/65
jesus and mary chain/psychocandy/my little underground/85
my bloody valentine/loveless/blown a wish/91
the ocean blue/s/t/between something and nothing/89
mamas and papas/if you can believe.../california dreaming/66
slipstream/transcendental/tonite's the nite/03
lockgroove/calm right down/srk (N)
the dears/protest/ace fu (N)
saint etienne/tiger bay/like a motorway/94
tahiti 80/puzzle/heartbeat/00
comas/conductor/yep roc (N)
telephone jim jesus/a point too far/anticon (N)
l'altra/different days/hefty (N)
parker and lily/low lows/warm (N)

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

slowdive/pygmalion/crazy for you/95
cocteau twins/treasure/persephone/84
jesus and mary chain/automatic/blues from a gun/89
placebo/sleeping with ghosts/this picture/03
primal scream/vanishing point/medication/97
m83/before the dawn heals us/mute (N)
futureheads/s/t/wb (N)
anubian lights/phantascope/rhythmbank (N)
dolorean/violence in snowy fields/yep roc (N)
joanna newsom/milk-eyed mender/drag city (N)
parker and lily/the low lows/warm (N)
my morning jacket/chapter 2:learning/darla (N reissue)
vitesse/you win again gravity/hunch/02
magnetic fields/69 love songs/crazy for you/99
franz ferdinand/s/t/this fire/04
gary numan/telekon/i die you die/81
von bondies/pawn shoppe heart/cmon cmon/04
treble charger/maybe its me/friend of mine/97
love and rockets/express/all in my mind/86
u2/october/i fall down/82
secret machines/now here is nowhere/sad and lonely/04
a five and dime ship/the way it all would end/constance/04
low/the great destroyer/subpop (N)
flatmates/86-89/so in love-tell me why/8?
stone roses/turns into stone/mersey paradise/90
beachwood sparks/once we were trees/the sun surrounds me/01
octopus project/one ten hundred.../peekaboo (N)
styrofoam/nothings lost/morr (N)
smiths/s/t/the hand that rocks the cradle/84
ulrich schnauss/strangely isolated place/domino (N)
plat/compulsion/unschooled (N)

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

1.12.05 (we're in the future now!)

artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

m83/dead cities.../in church/03
autumns/angel pool/garden ends/97
devision/world without end/your hands on my skin/93
medicine/the buried life/beneath the sands/94
arcade fire/funeral/merge (N)
raveonettes/whip it on/veronica fever/02
my morning jacket/chapter 2: learning/darla (reissue)
killers/hot fuss/all the things that i've done/04
ned's atomic dustbin/god fodder/cut up/91
smashing pumpkins/siamese dream/rocket/93
sigur ros/von/track 2/98
spectrum/forever alien/stars are so far away/97
air/10,000 hz legend/radio #1/01
brian jonestown massacre/strung out in heaven/let's pretend that its summer/98
singapore sling/curse of.../summer garden/02
of montreal/coquelicot asleep.../let's do everything..../01
tears for fears/the hurting/change/83
the police/synchronicity/wrapped around your finger/83
blanket music/cultural norms/hush (N)
entrance/wandering stranger/fat possum (N)
unkle/never, never land/island (N)
lockgroove/calm right down/srk (N)
futureheads/s/t/wb (N)
styrofoam/nothings lost/morr (N)
u2/rattle and hum/heartland/89
alice in chains/jar of flies/no excuses/94
joy division/still/something must break/81
mojave 3/spoon and rafter/hard to miss you/03
auburn lull/cast from the platform/season of false starts/04
sounds from the ground/luminal/waveform (N)

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

due to basketball games being aired on wusb, the mainline will end at 5pm in january and february. my ping-pong game will be aired sometime in march.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

1.05.05 (we're in the future now!)

artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

mojave 3/ask me tomorrow/mercy/96
mercury rev/deserters songs/tonite it shows/98
my morning jacket/it still moves/mahgeetah/03
ocean blue/beneath the rhythm and sound/crash/93
sundays/reading, writing.../here's where the story ends/91
kitty craft/beats and breaks.../par 5/98
elliott smith/either-or/alameda/97
killers/hot fuss/jenny was a friend of mine/04
lush/gala/sweetness and light/91
ride/going blank again/twisterella/92
mighty lemon drops/world without end/inside out/88
the walkmen/bows and arrows/the rat/04
raveonettes/chain gang of love/great love sound/03
spiritualized/let it come down/do it all over again/01
flaming lips/yoshimi battles the pink robots/yoshimi..pt 1/02
air/moon safari/sexy boy/98
live/mental jewelry/operation spirit/91
green day/dookie/burn out/94
public image ltd/public image ltd/public image/80
interpol/turn on the bright lights/roland/02
jane's addiction/ritual de lo habitual/then she did/90
apoptygma berzerk/7/love never dies/98
thomas dolby/golden age of wireless/one of our submarines/82
adam green/friends of mine/jessica/02
all girl summer fun band/s/t/cut yr hair/02
fishbone/truth and soul/one day/88
postal service/give up/nothing better/03
thompson twins/sixteen candles sndtrck/if you were here/84
jeff buckley/grace/so real/94
devendra banhart/nino rojo/tracks 1, 2/04
entrance/wandering stranger/fat possom (N)
flashpapr/s/t/ypsilanti (N)

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