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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

12.31.03. new year's eve!

artist/album/cut/approx. year
no new releases.

mercury rev/deserter's songs/holes/98
flaming lips/yoshimi.../are you a hypnotist/02
hurricane #1/s/t/step into my world/97
brian jonestown massacre/strung out in heaven/i've been waiting/98
james/seven/born of frustration/92
swervedriver/99th dream/wrong treats/98
the fall/grotesque/totally wired/80
liars/fins to make us...EP/grown men.../02
elefant/sunlight makes me paranoid/tonite let's dance/03
fischerspooner/#1/the 15th/03
magnetic fields/69 love songs/yeah oh yeah/99
postal service/give up/nothing better/03
lightning seeds/cloudcuckooland/pure/90
yeah yeah yeahs/fever to tell/maps/03
blur/leisure/she's so high/91
jane's addiction/ritual de lo habitual/then she did/90
bright eyes/lifted.../bowl of oranges/02
sigur ros/von/von/98
moodswings/moodfood/state of independence/91
darkside/all that noise/love in a burning universe/91
azure ray/s/t/sleep/01
they might be giants/john henry/self called nowhere/94
neutral milk hotel/in the aeroplane.../in the aeroplane.../98
ride/wave:bbc sessions/all i can see/90
charlatans/between 10th and 11th/page one/92
boo radleys/giant steps/lazarus/91
rufus wainwright/poses/cigarettes & chocolate milk/01
radiohead/the bends/nice dream95
autumns/angel pool/juniper hill/97
apoptygma berzerk/welcome to earth/kathy's song/00
gary numan/replicas/we have a technical/79
belle & sebastian/if you're feeling sinister/get me away from here/96
peter murphy/love hysteria/time.../88
spiritualized/pure phase/let it flow/95
soup dragons/love god/softly/91

Wednesday, December 24, 2003


artist/album/cut/approx. year
no charts, no new music.

skinny puppy/bites&remission/assimilate/90
morrissey/bona drag/ouija board/91
interpol/turn on the bright lights/obstacle 1/02
manic street preachers/everything must go/everything.../96
kyle fischer/open ground/too soon to know/02
elliott smith/either-or/alameda/97
cocteau twins/heaven or las vegas/i wear your ring/90
radiohead/ok computer/subteranean homesick alien/97
sundays/reading, writing../here's where the story ends/91
smiths/meat is murder/headmaster ritual/85
ocean blue/cerulean/falling through the ice-ballerina/92
sonic youth/goo/tunic/90
fictional/fictitious/blue lites/99
hole/live through this/violet/94
material issue/international..../valerie loves me/91
the cure/disintegration/disintegration/89
manitoba/up in flames/jacknuggeted/03
my bloody valentine/loveless/come in alone/90
pale saints/comforts of madness/sight of you/90
slowdive/just for a day/waves/91
u2/unforgettable fire/bad/84
vnv nation/empires/rubicon/00
verve/northern soul/no knock on my door/95
pink floyd/meddle/fearless/71
magnetic fields/69 love songs/how to say goodbye/99
sigur ros/( )/track 4/02
joy division/substance/atmosphere/80
spacemen 3/playing with fire/so hot/87
unkle/psyence fiction/lonely soul/98
white lion/pride/when the children cry/87
alice in chains/jar of flies/don't follow/94
jeff buckley/grace/lover, you should've come over/94

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

the mainline
wednesdays 2:30-5:30PM (EST)
WUSB 90.1 FM (www.wusb.org)


artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

stone roses/turns into stone/hardest thing in the world/93
ride/waves: bbc sessions/let's get lost/94
pulp/we love life/nite that minnie timperley died/02
brian jonestown massacre/methodrone/that girl suicide/95
jesus&mary chain/psychocandy/the living end/85
elefant/sunlight makes me paranoid/misfit/03
stellastarr/s/t/in the walls/03
yeah yeah yeahs/fever to tell/pin/03
u2/under a blood red sky/electric co/83
shins/chutes too narrow/subpop (N)
minders/future is always perfect/future farmer (N)
the fitness/call me for together/control group (N)
belle&sebastian/dear catastrophe waitress/if she wants me/03
my favorite/happiest days of our lives/suburbs are killing us/03
winterbrief/tickets for a peek/heartcore (N)
officer may/smoking in A minor/my heart the boomerang/03
yes sensei/what i do best.../call me goodfood/01
mountaineers/messy century/mute (N)
elbow/cast of thousands/v2 (N)
stills/logic will break your heart/atlantic (N)
twelve/first album/silber (N)
beborn beton/EP/another world/97
conjure one/s/t/center of the sun/02
saint etienne/foxbase alpha/only love can break your heart/92
assemblage 23/defiance/drive/02
joy division/permanent/the only mistake/80
radiohead/the bends/my iron lung/95
weezer/s/t/island in the sun/01
underworld/best of/rez/9?
explosions in the sky/the earth is not.../trr (N)
kitchens of distinction/strange free world/polaroids/91
sugarplum fairies/introspective..../starfish (N)
her space holiday/young machines/mush (N)
kevin devine/make the clocks stop/triple crown (N)
tracy shedd/red/teenbeat (N)
slipstream/transcendental/hidden agenda (N)
girlsareshort/earlynorthamerican/upper class (N)
dolerean/not exotic/yep roc (N)
slowdive/pygmalion/blue skied an clear/95
tex la homa/if just today/hybrid (N)

Wednesday, December 10, 2003


artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

interpol/turn on the bright lights/untitled/02
slowdive/pygmalion/crazy for you/95
ride/bbc sessions/sight of you/90
throwing muses/real ramona/red shoes/91
his name is alive/mouth by mouth/mouth-lip/93
elbow/cast of thousands/v2 (N)
spiritualized/let it come down/out of sight/01
daedelus/rethinking the weather/mush (N)
her space holiday/young machines/mush (N)
mountaineers/messy century/mute (N)
one true thing/finally/do you remember/03
with every idle hour/distance between/moxie/03
shins/chutes too narrow/subpop (N)
minders/future is always perfect/future farmer (N)
joggers/solid guild/star time (N)
unicorns/who will cut../alien8 (N)
elefant/sunlight.../tonite let's dance/03
death cab for cutie/transatlanticism/barsuk (N)
underworld/beaucoup fish/shudder-king of snake/99
miss kittin&hacker/first album/1982/01
dot allison/we are science/i think i love you/02
soviet/we are eyes.../circuit love/02
u2/red hot+blue comp/nite&day/91
the cure/kiss me.../catch/87
polyphonic spree/beginning stages of.../lite and day/02
slipstream/transcendental/hidden agenda (N)
kevin devine/make the clocks move/triple crown (N)
the french/local information/too pure (N)
looper/the geometrid/my robot/00
my favorite/happiest days of our lives/double agent (N)
brian jonestown massacre/and this is.../teepee (N)
kitchens&bathrooms/vehicles beyond/sonic unyon (N)
stellastarr/s/t/rca (N)
smashing pumpkins/gish/rhinocerous/91
depeche mode/music for the masses/i want you now/87
peter murphy/holy smoke/keep me from harm/93
mahogany/dream of.../mystique of the locomotive/01
explosions in the sky/the earth is not.../trr (N)

Wednesday, December 03, 2003


artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

hum/you'd prefer an astronaut/stars/95
verve/northern soul/this is music/95
all natural lemon&lime flavors/turning into small/you can never tell/98
ride/smile/like a daydream/90
raveonettes/whip it on/attack of the ghost riders/02
the rapture/echoes/house of jealous lovers/03
curve/pubic fruit/clipped/91
killing joke/extremities.../money's not our god/91
icon of coil/soul is in the software/access&lify/01
skinny puppy/bites&remission/far too frail/90
eurythmics/sweet dreams/love is a stranger/83
elefant/sunlight makes me paranoid/misfit/03
ted leo/tell balgeary.../lookout (N)
death cab for cutie/transatlanticism/barsuk (N)
streets/original pirate material/it's too late/02
stills/logic will break your heart/atlantic (N)
stellastarr/s/t/rca (N)
goo goo dolls/hold me up/there you are/91
nervous cop/s/t/5rc (N)
shins/chutes too narrow/subpop (N)
minders/the future is always perfect/future farmer (N)
mountaineers/messy century/mute (N)
plaid/spokes/warp (N)
beth orton/trailor park/she cries your name/97
isobel campbell/amorino/instinct (N)
my favorite/happiest days of our lives/double agent (N)
interpol/turn on the bright lights/untitled/02
air/moon safari/all i need/98
electronic/s/t/get the message/91
the 6ths/hyacinths&thistles/kissing things/00
radiohead/hail to the thief/go to sleep/03
radiohead/pablo honey/thinking about you/93
slipstream/transcendental/hidden agenda (N)
spacemen 3/playing with fire/come down softly/88
postal service/give up/recycled air/03
stone roses/s/t/waterfall/89
teenage fanclub/bandwagonesque/the concept/91
bethany curve/you brought us here/long beach/02
ocean blue/beneath the rhythm and sound/listen it's gone/93
vanity set/little stab of happiness/naked spur (N)
broken social scene/you forgot it in people/anthems for.../03
her space holiday/young machines/mush (N)
yo la tengo/today is the day EP/matador (N)

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