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Wednesday, June 12, 2002


7% solution/all about satelites.../revolve/98
brmc/brmc/love burns/01
curve/pubic fruit/clipped/91
malory/outerbeats/clairecords (N)
jivaro/jivarodelia/kindercore (N)
looper/the snare/mute (N)
telepopmusik/genetic world/capitol (N)
icicles/pure sugar -ep-/drive-in (N)
mull historical society/loss/xl-beggars (N)
swervedriver/99th dream/sealed my fate/97
bright eyes/there is no beginning...-ep-/saddle creek (N)
radiohead/kid a/idioteque/00
luke slater/alright on top/mute (N)
apoptygma berzerk/harmonizer/rollergirl/02
david j/songs from another season/i'll be your chauffer/91
super furry animals/rings around the world/xl-beggars (N)
arling & cameron/we are a+c/bb electro/01
sleeping flies/you are superior/kindercore (N)
police/ghost in the machine/invisible sun/82
inxs/the swing/burn for you/84
psychedelic furs/talk talk talk/into you like a train/82
pulp/his n hers/do you remember the first time/94
rentals/return of the/friends of p/95
wolfsheim/no happy view/sparrows and nightingales/92
icon of coil/soul is in the software/metropolis (N)
vnv nation/praise the fallen/solitary/98
members/uprhythm, downbeat/working girl/83
bryan ferry/frantic/virgin (N)
miss kittin & the hacker/first album/emperor norton (N)
capitol k/island row/xl-beggars (N)
my favorite/kids are all wrong/double agent (N)
pink floyd/meddle/fearless/72
hurricane #1/s/t/step into my world/97
doves/last broadcast/capitol (N)
trans am/ta/thrill jockey (N)
elf power/creatures/spinart (N)
the verve/storm in heaven/already there/93

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