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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

april 7- mostly new records.

radiothon march 20-april 14

artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

school of fish/s/t/3 strange days/91
renegade soundwave/soundclash/probably a robbery/90
glifted/under and in/last in line/02
pedro the lion/control/rapture/02
weezer/s/t/my name is jonas/93
vines/winning days/capitol (N)
destroyer/your blues/merge (N)
another blue door/haulers/stinky (N)
rock four/nationwide/rainbow quartz (N)
franz ferdinand/s/t/domino (N)
ambulance ltd/s/t/tvt (N)
hartfield/true color, true lie/clairecords (N)
moonbabies/orange billboard/hidden agenda (N)
satellite lost/bows&arrows.../breakeven (N local)
pulp/we love life/wickerman/02
wolfsheim/spectators/hurting for the first time/99
avalanches/since i left you/electricity/01
morrissey/bona drag/last of the FIP/90
u2/unforgettable fire/unforgettable fire/84
kitchens of distinction/strange free world/railwayed/91
ocean blue/cerulean/ballerina out of control/91
spiritualized/lazer guided melodies/i want you/92
front 242/tyranny for you/tragedy for you/91
public image limited/compact disc/rise/86
raveonettes/whip it on/attack of the ghost rider/02
hot hot heat/make up the breakdown/bandages/02
cat power/what would the community think/nude as the news/96
zero 7/when it falls/elektra (N)
dearly departed/believing in ghosts/one day savior (N local)
polyphonic spree/beginning stages of.../tracks 1-3/02

Monday, March 29, 2004

Mirah (K records) at University Cafe, Stony Brook U....

indie rock singer-songwriter. K records.
similar artists: cat power, mary timony, kristin hersh, etc.

other bands too?
TUESDAY march 30.
8pm? FREE. all ages.
@University Cafe in Student Union, Stony Brook University
(where the ballroom was. enter side door where that
little courtyard is)

Tuesday, March 23, 2004


artist/album/label. everything NEW.

stellastarr/s/t/rca (03)
asobi seksu/s/t/friendly fire
walkmen/bows&arrows/record collection
slingshot dakota/demo EP/diy (local)
dearly departed/believing in ghosts/one day savior (local)
satellite lost/bows&arrows..../break even (local)
icecake/ambient extraction/supple (local)
speakeasy/return to sender/innocentwhenyoudream (03 local)
repercussions/don't fear/esche (local)
snow patrol/final straw/polydor
get up kids/guilt show/vagrant
casual dots/s/t/kill rock stars
franz ferdinand/s/t/domino
ima robot/s/t/virgin (03)
50 foot wave/s/t/throwing music
trans am/liberation/thrill jockey
the coral/magic and medicine/columbia (03)
cooper temple clause/kick up.../rca
volcano i'm still excited!!/s/t/polyvinyl
air/talkie walkie/astralwerks
just jack/outer marker/tvt
mankind liberation front/automind/reality
mixel pixel/rainbow panda/mental monkey
starsailor/silence is easy/capitol
camera obscura/underachievers.../merge
sufjan stevens/seven swans/sounds familyre
monz/mechanical disc 1/diy (local)
the elected/me first/subpop
mascott/dreamers book/red panda
hartfield/true color true lie/clairecords
all night radio/spirit stereo frequency/subpop
cocorosie/la maison.../touch and go
faraway places/unfocus on it/eenie meenie
calla/s/t/arena rock

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

next show will be on TUESDAY.
and 3 hours of only NEW MUSIC.

radiothon march 20-april 14

artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

inspiral carpets/life/commercial rain/91
depeche mode/construction time/everything counts/83
elefant/sunlight.../tonite let's dance/03
moldy peaches/s/t/lucky #9/01
starsailor/silence is easy/capitol (N)
stellastarr*/s/t/no weather/03
walkmen/bows&arrows/record collection (N)
franz ferdinand/s/t/domino (N)
space robot scientists/aggro disco/esche (N local)
just jack/outer marker/tvt (N)
lambchop/awcmon/merge (N)
destroyer/your blues/merge (N)
now it's overheard/fall back open/saddle creek (N)
sufjan stevens/seven swans/sounds familyre (N)
candy butchers/hang on mike/rpm (N)
gurus/s/t/rainbow quartz (N)
all girl summer fun band/s/t/cut your hair/02
mixel pixel/rainbow panda/mental monkey (N)
plump djs/eargasm/fingerlickin (N)
the alarm/s/t EP/the stand/83
..trail of dead/source tags&codes/relative ways/02
u2/batman sndtrck/hold me thrill me.../96
hole/live through this/doll parts/94
pulp/different class/feeling called love/95
freezepop/forever/plastic stars/01
mighty lemon drops/world without end/inside out/88
spacemen 3/recurring/just to see you smile/90
cars/heartbeat city/drive/84
the verve/lucky man EP/never wanna see you cry/97
mogwai/young team/tracy/97
coco rosie/lamaisondemonreve/touch&go (N)
calla/s/t/arena rock (N)
hartfield/true color true lie/clairecords (N)
citizens here and abroad/ghosts of.../omnibus (N)
slowdive/souvlaki/when the sun hits/94
radiohead/the bends/high&dry/95
mascott/dreamers book/red panda (N)
squarepusher/ultravisitor/warp (N)

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

radiothon march 20-april 14

artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

darkside/all that noise/guitar voodoo/91
massive attack/mezzanine/angel/98
sinead oconnor/lion&the cobra/jerusalem/87
gary numan/replicas/are friends electric/79
now it's overheard/fall back open/saddle creek (N)
honorary title/s/t/selfstarter (N)
destroyer/your blues/merge (N)
another blue door/haulers/stinky (N)
speakeasy/return to sender/pedal faster/03
nirvana/unplugged/all apologies/94
walkmen/bows&arrows/record collection (N)
asobi seksu/s/t/friendly fire (N)
starsailor/silence is easy/capitol (N)
just jack/outer marker/tvt (N)
franz ferdinand/s/t/domino (N)
the rapture/echoes/echoes/03
repercussions/don't fear/esche (N local)
gurus/s/t/rainbow quartz (N)
smiths/queen is dead/vicar in a tutu/86
white stripes/white blood cells/fell in love with a girl/01
fischerspooner/#1/natural disaster/03
adult/resuscitation/human wreck/01
flock of seagulls/s/t/space age love song/82
apoptygma berzerk/welcome to earth/kathy's song/00
ian mcculloch/mysterio/lover lover lover/92
pulp/his n hers/do you remember the first time/94
moonbabies/orange billboard/hidden agenda (N)
hartfield/true color, true lie/clairecords (N)
mahogany/dream of a modern day/mystique of.../00
mercury rev/all is dream/little rhymes/01
sugarcubes/life's too good/birthday/88
cocteau twins/heaven or las vegas/iceblink luck/90
ocean blue/cerulean/planetarium/91
suede/s/t/sleeping pills/93
thompson twins/16 candles sndtrck/if you were here/85
greg davis/curling pond woods/carpark (N)
lanterna/highways/badman (N)

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

the mainline
wednesdays 2:30-5:30PM (EST)
WUSB 90.1 FM
listen online at: www.wusb.org

some artists in rotation: ride, radiohead, vnv nation, mercury rev, ocean blue, lush, pulp, stone roses, joy division, slowdive, sigur ros, spiritualized, cocteau twins, jesus&mary chain, gary numan, verve, the smiths, interpol, swervedriver, medicine, the cure, brian jonestown massacre, suede, primal scream, jeff buckley, magnetic fields, yeah yeah yeahs, kitchens of distinction, spacemen 3, jj72, nirvana.

the aim of the game is to feel...real...good.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

radiothon march 18-april 14

artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

u2/achtung baby/zoo station/91
placebo/sleeping with ghosts/this picture/03
kitchens of distinction/strange free world/railwayed/90
my favorite/love at absolute zero/modulate/99
echo&the bunnymen/crocodiles/do it clean/80
brian jonestown massacre/methodrone/that girl suicide/95
moonbabies/orange billboard/hidden agenda (N)
franz ferdinand/s/t/domino (N)
speakeasy/return to sender/innocent when you dream (N local)
starsailor/silence is easy/capitol (N)
deerhoof/milkman/killrockstars (N)
repercussions/don't fear/esche (N local)
skywave/synthstatic/alison-blisscent (N)
casual dots/s/t/killrockstars (N)
satellite lost/bows&arrows.../break even (N local)
aveo/battery/barsuk (N)
appleseed cast/two conversations/hanging marionette/03
my bloody valentine/loveless/to here knows when/90
postal service/give up/sleeping in/03
the farm/spartacus/altogether now/91
kate bush/hounds of love/running up that hill/85
inxs/listen like thieves/kiss the dirt/85
jawbox/for your own special sweetheart/savory/94
the elected/me first/subpop (N)
super xx man/my usual way/lelp (N)
revolutionary hydra/the peefs/skrocki (N)
citizens here and abroad/ghosts of.../omnibus (N)
pulp/different class/i spy/95
portishead/dummy/sour times/94
interpol/turn on the bright lights/roland/02
david bowie/station to station/word on a wing/76
jesus&mary chain/barbed wire kisses/who do you love/88
walkmen/bows&arrows/record collection (N)
hartfield/true color, true lie/clairecords (N)
camera obscura/underachievers.../merge (N)
smithereens/green thoughts/house we used to live in/88
desirae/riding in your spaceship.../diy (N local)
illoin/pinfore/notenuf (N)

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