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Friday, January 28, 2000



the verve/urban hymns/catching the butterfly
candyskins/death of.../feed it
marshmallow coast/seniors and juniors/mashed potato fight
bernard butler/friends and lovers/smile
jesus and mary chain/automatic/between planets
radiohead/ok computer/let down
broadcast/ep/echo's answer
spectrum/soul kiss/how you satisfy me
front 242/ep/don't crash
starflyer 59/everybody makes mistakes/play the C chord
embrace/good will out/good good people
prolapse/ghost of dead aeroplanes/essence
takako minekawa/fun9/flow in a tide
the smiths/best/that joke isn't funny anymore
sloan/ep/money city
smashing pumpkins/1991-1998/drown
WCF/who's listening/darlene
swervedriver/forces of nature soundtrack/magic bus
space robot scientists/at home with machines/sanitize
spacemen 3/recurring/to see you smile
kreidler/weekend/traffic way
manic street preachers/everything must go/title track
pink noise test/plasticized/girl can't you tell
seahorses/do it yourself/love is the law
police/zenyatta mondatta/don't stand so close
mudhoney/best of/suck you dry
blue man group/audio/wireman
space raiders/don't be daft/dance
meat beat manifesto/actual sounds.../prime audio
slipstream/side effects/hearing voices
flaming lips/soft bulletin/spoonful weighs a ton
my bloody valentine/loveless/i only said

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