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Monday, November 22, 2004

11.22.04 (monday. switch with j-ro)

artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

public image ltd/this is what you want.../order of death/84
brian jonestown massacre/methodrone/everyone says/94
medicine/shot forth self living/defective/93
peter murphy/deep/cuts you up/90
jeff buckley/grace/so real/94
the verve/storm in heaven/blue/93
u2/one EP/lady with the spinning head/92
jesus&mary chain/automatic/between planets/89
oasis/morning glory/don't look back in anger/95
magnetic fields/69 love songs/book of love/99
dream academy/s/t/life in a northern town/85
pulsars/s/t/silicon teens/97
sugar/copper blue/helpless/92
folk implosion/the new.../brand of skin/02
joseph arthur/our shadows will remain/vector (N)
assemblage 23/storm/metropolis (N)
vhs or beta/night on fire/astralwerks (N)
shy child/one with the sun/sayhey (N)
unkle/never, never land/island (N)
sneaker pimps/becoming x/6 underground/96
siouxsie&the banshees/hyaena/dazzle/84
flatmates/86-89/clairecords (reissue)
velocity girl/copacetic/audrey's eyes/92
panda bear/young prayer/paw tracks (N)
devendra banhart/nino rojo/young god (N)
the cure/pornography/figurehead/82
concrete blonde/pump up the volume sndtrck/everybody knows/90
jane's addiction/nothing's shocking/mountain song/88
spacemen 3/perfect prescription/take me to the other side/87
kitchens of distinction/strange free world/polaroids/91
sigur ros/von/track 3/98
appleseed cast/two conversations/dream for us/03

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

the verve/urban hymns/bittersweet symphony/97
delays/faded seaside glamour/long time coming/04
monz/mechanimal/tracks 1-3/04
vhs or beta/night on fire/astralwerks (N)
the faint/wet from birth/saddle creek (N)
bloodthirsty lovers/delicate seam/frenchkiss (N)
decemberists/ep/kill rock stars (N)
nirvana/nirvana/you know you're right (reissue)
the cure/faith/primary/81
unkle/never, never land/island (N)
depeche mode/music for the masses/things you said/87
stone roses/s/t/don't stop/89
jesus&mary chain/barbed wire kisses/everythings alright.../88
elliott smith/from a basement.../anti (N)
mates of state/all day EP/polyvinyl (N)
flatmates/86-89/clairecords (reissue)
black keys/rubber factory/epitaph (N)
everclear/sparkle&fade/heartspark dollarsign/95
the who/who sings.../kids are alright/65
interpol/antics/matador (N)
assemblage 23/storm/metropolis (N)
concretes/s/t/astralwerks (N)
tahiti 80/puzzle/heartbeat/00
joseph arthur/our shadows will remain/vector (N)
luna/rendezvous/jetset (N)
books on tape/business end/greyday (N)
my bloody valentine/you made me realise EP/slow/87
julius airwave/dragons are the new pink/? (N)
liz janes/poison&snakes/asthmatic kitty (N)
matt pond pa/EP/altitude (N)
darkside/all that noise/waiting for the angels/92
pulp/we love life/birds in your garden/02
devendra banhart/nino rojo/young god (N)

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

boo radleys/giant steps/lazarus/93
conjure one/s/t/center of the sun/02
siouxsie&the banshees/hyaena/dear prudence/94
morrissey/viva hate/every day is like sunday/89
shy child/one with the sun/say hey (N)
futureheads/s/t/sire (N)
moving units/dangerous dreams/palm (N)
vhs or beta/night on fire/astralwerks (N)
dollhouse/rock&soul circus/dim mak (N)
singapore sling/life is killing my rocknroll/stinky (N)
flatmates/love&death 86-89/tell me why
aloha/here comes everyone/polyvinyl (N)
saturday looks good to me/every night/polyvinyl (N)
monster movie/to the moon/clairecords (N)
apoptygma berzerk/welcome to earth/kathy's song/00
interpol/antics/matador (N)
meat beat manifesto/actual sounds.../oblivion/98
elefant/sunlight makes me paranoid/tonite let's dance/03
roxy music/avalon/more than this/82
ride/smile/all i can see/90
magnetic fields/wayward bus/candy/92
elliott smith/from a basement.../anti (N)
papercuts/mockingbird/antenna farm (N)
devendra banhart/nino rojo/young god (N)
kimya dawson/hidden vagenda/k (N)
joseph arthur/our shadows will remain/vector (N)
robyn hitchcock/spooked/yep roc (N)
pulp/his n hers/she's a lady/94
new order/technique/round and round/89
smiths/hatful of hollow/these things take time/84
material issue/international pop overthrow/diane/91
curve/doppelganger/lillies dying/92
daft punk/discovery/digital love/01
manual&syntaks/golden sun/darla (N)
battles/B EP/dim mak (N)
toyen/did you bring..../racing junior (N)
cyann&ben/happy like.../locust (N)
the ocean blue/cerulean/hurricane/92
the cure/disintegration/fascination street/89
sigur ros/von/track 11/98
dead can dance/toward the within/american dreaming/94

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