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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


artist/song/approximate year
[album and label in place of song and year for (N)ew release]

muse/the resistance/wb (N)
a place to bury strangers/exploding head/mute (N)
the clientele/bonfires on the heath/merge (N)
lou barlow/goodnite unknown/merge (N)
built to spill/there is no enemy/wb (N)
air/love 2/astralwerks (N)
islands/vapours/anti (N)
rose melberg/homemade ship/k (N)
band of horses/no one's gonna love/07
maps/turning the mind/mute (N)
book of love/boy/85
the gossip/music for men/sony (N)
brian jonestown massacre/love/98
raveonettes/in and out of control/vice (N)
the cars/bye bye love/81
nirvana/love buzz/89
interpol/slow hands/05
f*ck buttons/tarot sport/ATP (N)
u.s.e/loveworld/u.s.e (N)
vivian girls/everything goes wrong/in the red (N)
his and her vanities/mighty lunge/science of sound (N)
shiny toy guns/owe you a love song/07
boys noize/power/last gang (N)
zero 7/yeah ghost/atlantic (N)
tracey ullman/they don't know/85
swervedriver/head of the fortune teller/95
fischerspooner/amuse bouche/09
hidden cameras/origin:orphan/arts&crafts (N)
hooters/day by day/85
the drums/summertime/27 (N)
the whip/trash/09
devandra banhart/what will we be/wb (N)
aarktica/in sea/silber (N)
vlor/six-winged/silber (N)


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