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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

artist/track [label in place of track for (N)ew releases]

7% solution/happy
new order/dreams never end
u2/with a shout
amusement parks on fire/venus in cancer
justice/vice (N)
underworld/side one (N)
and one/get you closer
calvin harris/almost gold (N)
vhs or beta/astralwerks (N)
liars/mute (N)
missing persons/destination unknown
octopus project/peekaboo (N)
moving units/metropolis (N)
go!team/subpop (N)
nada surf/popular
band of horses/subpop (N)
richard hawley/mute (N)
shudder to think/x-french t-shirt
mount sims/black sunglasses
lycia/silber (N reissue)
depeche mode/leave in silence
beborn beton/another world
placebo/slave to the wage
aztec camera/crying scene
white shoes & couples co/minty fresh (N)
japancakes/darla (N)
the cure/catepillar
lloyd cole/downtown
charlatans/can't even be bothered
pavement/cut your hair
fischerspooner/just let go
caribou/merge (N)


Sunday, October 07, 2007

party time!

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