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Monday, May 29, 2000


artist/album/cut (N)=new

pet shop boys/please/west end girls
dandy warhols/tales from slabtown ep/godless (N)
primal scream/exterminator/accelerator (N)
primal scream/screamadelica/come together
saint etienne/sound of water/heart failed (N)
public image limited/best of/public image
belle & sebastian/legal man ep/legal man (N)
covenant/united states of mind/dead stars
headstones/smile and wave/and
mathlete/telstar partheon/steel wheels (N)
interface/artemis complex/black sun (N)
six by seven/closer you get/ten place to die (N)
aztec camera/stray/crying scene
groovie ghoulies/travels with my amp/highway man (N)
kitchens of distinction/strange free world/quick as rainbows
kristen hersh/ep/cleaner light (N)
echo and the bunnymen/s/t/bedbugs and ballyhoo
spacemen 3/recurring/big city
ian brown/golden greats/dolphins were monkeys (N)
wonderstuff/never loved elvis/caught in my shadow
ocean blue/davy jones' locker/ayn (N)
U2/boy/out of control
INXS/shabooh shabaah/one thing
ride/going blank again/time of her time
depeche mode/black celebration/stripped
american flag/just like friends/sunshine world (N)
bauhaus/bela lugosi
din fiv/escape to reality/through the looking glass (N)
apoptygma berzerk/welcome to earth/eclipse
7% solution/all about satellites.../air bends sunlight
the cure/best of/primary
broadcast/noise made by people/long was the year (N)
lilys/split cd/elsa (N)

Monday, May 08, 2000


artist/album/cut (N)=new

radiohead/ok computer/airbag
looper/geometrid/these things (N)
broadcast/noise made by people/come on let's go (N)
gary numan/replicas/down in the park
dandy warhols/tales from slabtown ep/godless (N)
abunai/mystic river of sound/learning to ask
busy signals/baby's first beats/headphone world (N)
salome/7"/3am coctail
new order/best of/age of consent
sientific american/saints of infinity/3:05 (N)
joan of arc/portable model of/hands
ian brown/golden greats/free my way (N)
built to spill/keep it like a secret/the plan
massive attack/mezzanine/teardrop
jeff buckley/live/last goodbye (N)
love and rockets/earth sun moon/no new tale to tell
apoptygma berzerk/welcome to earth/kathy's song
erasure/innocents/little respect
front 242/best of/don't crash
space robot scientists/at home with machines/sanitize
supergrass/supergrass/moving (N)
six by seven/closer you get/new year (N)
the smiths/best of/headmaster ritual
psychedelic furs/talk talk talk/into you like a train
lemonheads/come on feel/great big no
verve/storm in heaven/slide away
depeche mode/black celebration/question of time
spider nick and the maddogs/voyage to.../club girls
chemical brothers/let forever be
joy division/closer/isolation
echo and the bunnymen/lips like sugar
aerial love feed/full tilt
great lakes/storming
kitchen of distinction/strange free world/drive that fast

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