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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

rocket from the crypt/circa now/ditchdigger/92
new order/low life/perfect kiss/85
strokes/room on fire/reptilia/03
franz ferdinand/s/t/this fire/04
m83/before the dawn heals us/don't save us from the flames/04
alice in chains/dirt/damn that river/92
bauhaus/the sky's gone out/third uncle/82
my favorite/happiest days of our lives/homeless club kids/03
belle and sebastian/tigermilk/she's just a baby/96
morrissey/kill uncle/sing your life/92
supergrass/road to rouen/capitol (N)
goldfrapp/#1 EP/mute (N)
fischerspooner/#1/natural disaster/01
soul hooligan/music like dirt/addicted/02
omd/junk culture/talking loud and clear/84
sonic youth/murray street/empty page/02
zero 7/simple things/destiny/01
massive attack/mezzanine/teardrop/98
ride/carnival of light/from time to time/94
white stripes/get behind me satan/doorbell/05
warlocks/surgery/evil eyes/05
sex pistols/nevermind..../god save the queen/77
smoking popes/born to quit/need you around/95
ned's atomic dustbin/god fodder/cut up/91
everclear/sparkle and fade/heartspark dollarsign/95
run return/metro-north/n5md (N)
ian brown/solarized/keep what ya got/05
the cure/pornography/strange day/82
hooverphonic/blue wonder power milk/one way ride/98
spiritualized/pure phase/slide song/95
caural/remembering today/mush (N)

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

verve/no come down/no come down/92
cocteau twins/treasure/lorelei/84
gary numan/replicas/down in the park/79
depeche mode/playing the angel/john the revelator/05
a-ha/hunting high and low/sun always shines on tv/85
loop/guilded eternity/vapour/90
his name is alive/detrola/silver mountain (N)
ladytron/witching hour/international dateline/05
film school/s/t/beggars banquet (N)
midnight oil/diesel and dust/dead heart/88
charlatans/between 10th and 11th/tremelo song/92
bell orchestra/recording a tape.../rough trade (N)
robert pollard/from a compound eye/merge (N)
b-52s/whammy/song for a future generation/83
j+j+j/they hump while.../johanns face (N)
test icicles/boa vs python EP/domino (N)
they might be giants/lincoln/they'll need a crane/87
joy division/substance/leaders of men/78
the cure/disintegration/lullaby/89
radiohead/the bends/high and dry/95
bliss/quiet letters/quango (N)
wolfgang press/funky little demons/chains/95
the ocean blue/beneath the rhythm and sound/listen its gone/93
u2/boy/an cat dubh-into the heart/80
love and rockets/express/all in my mind/86
big audio dynamite/this is..../e=mc (squared)/85
embrace/out of nothing/someday/05
donna regina/slow killer/karaoke kalk (N)
spectrum/soul kiss/..to the moon and back/92
mercury rev/secret migration/lorelei/05
caural/remembering today/mush (N)
jason forrest/shamelessly exciting/sonig (N)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

faunts/high expectations-low results/friendly fire (N)
pulp/this is hardcore/this is hardcore/98
blur/leisure/there's no other way/91
the cure/the top/catepillar/84
the fixx/shuttered room/stand or fall/82
ken stringfellow/soft commands/when u find someone/04
deathcab for cutie/plans/your heart.../05
in one/ascension/sour yellow state/94
chemical brothers/surrender/let forever be/99
test icicles/boa vs python/domino (N)
raveonettes/chain gang of love/heartbreak stroll/03
rahim/jungles EP/frenchkiss (N)
go!team/thunder, lightning.../columbia (N)
goldfrapp/#1 EP/mute (N)
the sun/blame it on the youth/wb (N)
m83/before the dawn heals us/teen angst/04
members/uprhythm downbeat/working girl/82
gandharvas/sold for a smile/watching the girl/98
supergrass/road to rouen/capitol (N)
caural/remembering today/mush (N)
east river pipe/what are you on/merge (N)
death in vegas/scorpio rising/girls/02
medicine/shot forth self living/5ive/93
sisters of mercy/floodland/lucretia my reflection/87
pixies/trompe le monde/letter to memphis/91
joy electric/robot rock/i'm your boy/97
royksopp/the understanding/astralwerks (N)
stone roses/s/t/bye bye badman/89
smiths/hatful of hollow/heaven knows i'm miserable/84
nine inch nails/with teeth/everyday is exactly the same/05
spiritualized/complete works 2/broken heart (instrumental)/97
slowdive/pygmalion/blue skied an clear/93
lightning seeds/cloudcuckooland/pure/90

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

arcade fire/funeral/wake up/04
manic street preachers/everything must go/everything must go/96
simple minds/sparkle in the rain/up on the catwalk/84
scissor sisters/s/t/laura/04
assemblage 23/defiance/fallen down/04
the call/modern romans/walls came down/83
joy division/unknown pleasures/day of the lords/79
talk talk/colour of spring/life's what you make it/86
mercury rev/secret migration/black swan/05
soviet/we are eyes.../breakdown/02
dearly departed/believing in ghosts/clear for takeoff/03
strokes/is this it/barely legal/01
epoxies/stop the future/fat wreckchords (N)
ladytron/witching hour/high rise/05
interpol/antics/not even jail/04
dykehouse/midrange/signal crossing/04
distain/cement garden/confession/95
nirvana/-/you know you're right/94
radiohead/hail to the thief/sit down stand up/03
wolf parade/apologies to the queen/subpop (N)
flatmates/love and death 86-89/life of crime
jesus and mary chain/psychocandy/something's wrong-it's so hard/85
smiths/s/t/you've got everything now/84
tender forever/soft and the hardcore/k (N)
depeche mode/playing the angel/precious/05
sigur ros/takk/geffen (N)
amusement parks on fire/s/t/eighty eight/05
brian jonestown massacre/take it from the man/who/96
drop nineteens/delaware/winona/92
porno for pyros/s/t/pets/93
spiritualized/let it come down/out of sight/01

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