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Wednesday, September 06, 2000


artist/album/cut (N)=new

jeff buckley/live/dream brother
camouflage/voices and images/that smiling face
jets to brazil/four cornered night/air traffic control (N)
mean red spiders/stars and sons/compromise (N)
bettie serveert/private suit/unsound (N)
the 6ths/hyacinths and thistles/as you turn to go (N)
jesus and mary chain/barbed wire/everything's alright...
sloan/ep/money city maniacs
the verve/northern soul/this is music
ladytron/commodore rock ep/playgirl (N)
black heart procession/three/waterfront (N)
laika/good looking blues/uneasy (N)
go robot, go!/supervacation/sun city suicide (N)
U2/boy/stories for boys

>>interview with the unforgettable fire<<

U2/b-sides/party girl
U2/wide awake in america/three sunrises
apoptygma berzerk/welcome to earth/kathy's song
swallow/blow/tastes like honey
a-ha/hunting high and low/train of thought
placebo/without you i'm nothing/every you every me
primal scream/12"/i'm losing more than i'll ever have
digable planets/hip-hop of the '90s comp/cool like dat
softies/holiday in rhode island/sleep away your troubles (N)
damon & naomi/with ghost/mirror phase (N)
front 242/12"/tragedy for you
mojave 3/excuses for travellers/any day will be fine (N)
beth orton/plastic comp vol 03/central reservation
they might be giants/apollo 18/mammal
fiona apple/tidal/the child is gone
rick springfield/7"/jesse's girl
killingtons/s/t/magnum (N)
air/moon safari/all i need
paul van dyk/out there and back/another way (N)
south pacific/constance/alamo

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