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Wednesday, March 07, 2001


artist/album/cut/approx.year (N)=new

primal scream/vanishing point/burning wheel/97
massive attack/protection/three/95
ladytron/604/ladybird (N)
fine china/when the world sings/we rock harder... (N)
black box recorder/facts of life/english motorway (N)
bis/music for a stranger world/how can we...(N)
science park/disinformation/looking for loopholes (N)
pulp/this is hardcore/a little soul/98 ride/smile/chelsea girl/90
apoptygma berzerk/apopcalyptic manifesto/electronic warfare/97
radiohead/ok computer/no surprises/97
spoon/girls can tell/everything hits at once (N)
tortoise/standards/six pack (N) dig/s/t/believe/93
kings of convenience/quiet is the new loud/toxic girl (N)
tanya donelly/lovesongs for underdogs/pretty deep/97
presidents of the USA/-ep-/peaches/95
donnas/turn 21/are you gonna move it for me (N)
fauna flash/fusion/percussion (N)
p'taah/decompressed/flying high (N)
subzone/paranoid landscape/somewhat forgotten (N)
charlatans/some friendly/sprosten green/91
blue states/nothing changes/arion (N)

>>interview with the DONNAS<<

tears for fears/best of/seeds of love/91
men at work/cargo/it's a mistake/84
jane weidlin/fur/rush hour/88
ray parker jr./7"/ghostbusters/85
tom petty/full moon fever/runnin down a dream/89
suzanne vega/solitude standing/luka/88
crowded house/s/t/don't dream it's over/87
go robot go!/wait three days.../dojo (N)
kiss offs/rock bottom/love you hardcore (N)
crushed stars/self navigation/ever since autumn (N)
2nd gen/irony is/buried (N)
biowire/disparation/space (N)

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