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Wednesday, December 29, 2004


artist/album/cut/approx. year

unkle/psyence fiction/lonely soul/98
vnv nation/empires/distant/99
stellastarr/s/t/in the walls/03
happy mondays/pills n thrills.../loose fit/91
public image ltd/9/disappointed/90
my bloody valentine/ecstasy&wine/can i touch you/88
postal service/give up/clark gable/03
soviet/we are eyes.../candy girl/02
gary numan/pleasure principle/complex/80
depeche mode/black celebration/sometimes-it doesn't matter/86
wolfsheim/spectators/hurting for the first time/99
joy division/closer/isolation/80
jesus&mary chain/honey's dead/almost gold/92
primal scream/xtrmntr/keep your dreams/00
spiritualized/let it come down/stop your crying/01
yo la tengo/i can hear the heart.../damage/97
fiona apple/tidal/shadowboxer/96
sinead o'connor/lion&the cobra/jeruselum/88
weezer/s/t/no one else/94
hayden/everything i long for/bad as they seem/96
spectrum/glide divine/touch the stars/92
spacemen 3/sound of confusion/rollercoaster/86
reverberation/blue stereo music/when the ships come down/98

-basketball game at 4:45-

Wednesday, December 22, 2004


artist/album/cut/approx. year

sonic youth/goo/dirty boots/90
doves/last broadcast/there goes the fear/02
assemblage 23/defiance/blindhammer/02
depeche mode/black celebration/fly on the windscreen/86
siouxsie&the banshees/kiss in the dreamhouse/slowdive/82
sigur ros/( )/track 4/02
spiritualized/lazer guided melodies/take your time/92
dot allison/afterglow/close your eyes/99
nirvana/unplugged/pennyroyal tea/94
starsailor/silence is easy/some of us/04
softies/it's love/charms around your wrist/97
smiths/louder than bombs/stretch out and wait/87
the verve/urban hymns/velvet morning/97
lloyd cole/s/t/downtown/90
big country/the crossing/fields of fire/83
inspiral carpets/revenge of the goldfish/two worlds collide/92
the ocean blue/cerulean/separate reality/91
tanita takarim/ancient heart/twist in my sobriety/89
vnv nation/praise the fallen/ascension/98
fictional/fictitious/your dream/00
eurythmics/sweet dreams/love is a stranger/83
the rapture/echoes/love is all/03
the cure/head on the door/push/85
pulp/this is hardcore/this is hardcore/98
u2/unforgettable fire/pride/84
interpol/turn on the bright lights/the new/02
shirelles/n/a/will you still love me tomorrow/60
stone roses/s/t/made of stone/89
smashing pumpkins/singles sndtk/drown/92
psychedelic furs/world outside/until she comes/91
juliana hatfield/hey babe/everybody loves me but you/92
kristin hersh/hips and makers/your ghost/93
ride/nowhere/dreams burn down/91
velapene screen/medical breaths/frozen empire (new local)

Wednesday, December 15, 2004


artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

u2/joshua tree/where the streets have no name/87
joy division/substance/no love lost/78
charlatans/EP/happen to die/92
house of love/a spy in the..../marble/91
franz ferdinand/s/t/this fire/04
unkle/never, never land/island (N)
chemical brothers/dig your own hole/elektrobank/97
covenant/northern light/call the ships to port/02
midnight oil/diesel and dust/dead heart/87
red rockers/good as gold/china/83
beach boys/pet sounds/sloop jon b/66
silver sunshine/s/t/wishing tree (N)
styrofoam/nothings lost/morr (N)
mates of state/team boo/open book/03
imperial teen/jawbreaker sndtk/yoo hoo/99
nirvana/incesticide/been a son/90
jesus&mary chain/psychocandy/hardest walk/85
lemonheads/come on feel the.../into your arms/93
sloan/pretty together/if it feels good do it/01
hurricane #1/s/t/step into my world/97
death in vegas/scorpio rising/23 lies/02
6ths/hyacinths&thistles/just like a movie star/00
nine inch nails/pretty hate machine/down in it/89
pulp/different class/i spy/95
wolfsheim/spectators/hurting for the first time/99
the ocean blue/s/t/circus animals/89
raveonettes/chain gang of love/truth about johnny/02
shoestrings/wishing on planes/timeline/98
teenage fanclub/bandwagonesque/metal baby/91
built to spill/keep it like a secret/carry the zero/99
a flock of seagulls/s/t/telecommunication/82
siouxsie&the banshees/batman returns sndtk/face to face/92
icicles/pure sugar/lemonade and somersaults/01
this mortal coil/s/t/you and your sister/93
ulrich schnauss/strangely isolated place/domino (N)
magnetic fields/get lost/famous/95
elefant/sunlight makes me paranoid/now that i miss her/03
spiritualized/pure phase/good times/95

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


artist/album/cut/approx. year

label in place of cut for (N)ew release
slowdive/just for a day/spanish air/91
swervedriver/mezcal head/girl on a motorbike/93
rialto/s/t/monday morning/98
patrick wolf/lycanthrophy/boy like me/04
joy electric/robot rock/storybook love/97
pixies/doolittle/la la love you/89
adult/?/night life/01
they might be giants/lincoln/they'll need a crane/87
morrissey/your arsenal/tomorrow/92
omd/dazzle ships/radio waves/83
styrofoam/nothings lost/morr (N)
blur/leisure/there's no other way/91
chin up chin up/we should have.../flameshovel (N)
wovenhand/consider the birds/sounds familyre (N)
kings of convenience/riot on an empty street/astralwerks (N)
ian moore/luminaria/yep roc (N)
devendra banhart/nino rojo/young god (N)
jesus&mary chain/live/taste of cindy-april skies/88
ratcat/tingles/that ain't bad/91
smiths/louder than bombs/ask/87
the verve/northern soul/northern soul/95
psychedelic furs/talk talk talk/into you like a train/82
visage/s/t/fade to grey/80
dearly departed/believing in ghosts/shadowcasting/04
brian jonestown massacre/methodrone/that girl suicide/95
brian jonestown massacre/give it back/whoever you are/97
longwave/the strangest things/everywhere you turn/03
clearlake/cedars/almost the same/03
curve/pubic fruit/zoo/92
depeche mode/black celebration/question of lust/86
experimental aircraft/love for the last time/symphony/03
sianspheric/sound of the colour.../radiodifusion/01
freezepop/forever/plastic stars/01
julius airwave/dragons are.../sickroom (N)
peter murphy/love hysteria/indigo eyes/88
hanalei/we are all..../thick (N)
assemblage 23/failure/disappoint/01
the cure/pornography/short term effect/82
ride/nowhere/here and now/91
interpol/antics/take you on a cruise/04

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

cocteau twins/pink opaque/spangle maker/85
the cure/disintegration/plainsong/89
spiritualized/complete works 1/any way that you want me/91
interpol/antics/take you on a cruise/04
sigur ros/von/track 5/98
styrofoam/nothings lost/morr (N)
mates of state/all day EP/polyvinyl (N)
le tigre/this island/universal (N)
yeah yeah yeahs/fever to tell/pin/03
von bondies/pawn shoppe heart/c'mon c'mon/04
the police/synchronicity/synchronicity 2/83
weezer/s/t/no one else/94
vhs or beta/night on fire/astralwerks (N)
bloodthirsty lovers/delicate seam/frenchkiss (N)
papercuts/mockingbird/antenna farm (N)
joseph arthur/our shadows will remain/vector (N)
telepathic butterflies/songs from.../rainbow quartz (N)
broken social scene/you forgot it in people/cause=time/03
brmc/s/t/love burns/00
nirvana/unplugged/oh me/94
breeders/last splash/do you love me now/93
my robot friend/hot action/poptronix (N)
tarentel/we move through weather/temp. residence (N)
polyphonic spree/beginnng stages.../soldier girl/02
devision/zehn/try to forget/98
depeche mode/broken frame/see you/82
new order/movement/dreams never end/82
smiths/s/t/you've got everything now/84
ocean blue/cerulean/planetarium/91
echo&the bunnymen/ocean rain/killing moon/85
my bloody valentine/loveless/sometimes/91
slowdive/souvlaki/melon yellow-dagger/93
suede/s/t/pantomime horse/93
devendra banhart/nino rojo/young god (N)
pale saints/comforts of madness/sight of you/90
the verve/no come down/6 o'clock/93
jeff buckley/grace/lilac wine/94
an emotional fish/junk puppets/celebrate/91
ride/going blank again/time machine/92

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