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Sunday, June 20, 1999



joy electric/christian songs/make my life a prayer
ministry/dark side of the spoon/bad blood
30 amp fuse/saturday night.../love is a catch 22
london suede/head music/electricity
pavement/terror twilight/you are a light
my favorite/love at absolute zero/working class jacket
fountains of wayne/utopia parkway/denise
calliope/inorganics/oh my god
in one/ascension/sour yellow state
silver scooter/orleans parish/should've stayed
radiohead/the bends/the bends
clan of xymox/creatures/crucified
beth orton/central reservation/couldn't cause harm
the verve/northern soul/this is music
levellers/?/one way
len/you can't stop.../steal my sunshine
naughty by nature/?/o.p.p.
hair & skin trading co./over valence/loa
boom boom satellites/out loud/missing note
juliana hatfield/hey babe/i see you
meryn cadell/angel food for thought/sweater
spacetime continuum/double fine zone/microjam
matrix/dreams are real/open
m-3/break the trend/grated
switchblade symphony/3 calamities/invisible
beatles/let it be/across the universe
unkle/psyence fiction/lonely soul
neuroactive/fiber-optic/shrieks and sighs

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