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Monday, December 10, 2001


artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew releases

massive attack/mezzanine/angel/97
spiritualized/let it come down/stop your crying/01
primal scream/screamadelica/movin on up/91
saint etienne/sound of water/heart failed/00
prima donnas/sex drugs & discotheques/peek-a-boo (N)
arling & cameron/we are a&c/5th dimension/01
beachwood sparks/once we were trees/subpop (N)
medicine/the buried life/something goes wrong/93
les savy fav/go forth/frenchkiss (N)
velvet underground/...and nico/run,run,run/66
best friends group/when everyone's around/magic marker (N)
readymade/on point and red/endearing (N)
sianspheric/sound of the colour../to myself/01
swervedriver/99th dream/she weaves a tender trap/97
the verve/urban hymns/sonnet/97
jesus & mary chain/honey's dead/almost gold/92
XTC/skylarking/dead god/86
adham shaikh/sunset magnetic north -comp-/waveform (N)
covenant/united states of mind/like tears in rain/00
kiethevez/one roman choir -ep-/in my eye/98
missing persons/spring sessions/destination unknown/83
peter schilling/7"/different story/84
the fixx/reach the beach/sign of fire/83
simple minds/new gold dream/promised you a miracle/82
depeche mode/black celebration/stripped/86
waitresses/wasn't tomorrow wonderful?/i know what boys like/82
tone loc/loced after dark/wild thing/89
monkees- i'm a believer/66
avalanches/since i left you/sire (N)
dave ralph/naturalized/kinetic (N)
built to spill/keep it like a secret/time trap/98
placebo/without you i'm nothing/every you every me/97
lanterna/elm street/badman (N)
club 8/s/t/hidden agenda (N)
paul van dyk/out there and back/another way/00
suede/s/t/sleeping pills/93
bethany curve/you brought us here/unit circle (N)
seaworthy/the ride/jetset (N)

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