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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


artist/song/approximate year
[album and label in place of song and year for (N)ew release]

spacemen 3/transparent radiation/87
bauhaus/bela lugosi's dead/80
adam ant/stand and deliver/82
meat beat manifesto/oblivion/98
brian jonestown massacre/servo/97
mates of state/think long/06
dot allison/we're only science/02
ziggy marley/tomorrow people/87
fischerspooner/money can't dance/09
jeff buckley/grace/96
fishbone/sunless saturday/91
vampire weekend/contra/xl (N)
lloyd cole/downtown/90
the gossip/music for men/love long distance/09
smiths/vicar in a tutu-william it was really nothing/86
juliana hatfield/everybody loves me but you/92
ting tings/great dj/08
super 8 bit brothers/brawl/the end (N)
two gallants/steady rolling/07
magnetic fields/i don't love you anymore/05
stone roses/one love/91
beach house/teen dream/subpop (N)
romeo void/girl in trouble/83
underworld/born slippy/94
judybats/native son/92
U2/all along the watchtower/89
stellastarr/in the walls/06
bigbang/edendale/self-release (N)
the orb/little fluffy clouds/93
M83/don't save us from the flames/07
gary numan/films/80
alice in chains/angry chair/94


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