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Wednesday, April 25, 2001

artist/album/cut/year (approx) N=new

spacemen 3/perfect prescription/transparent radiation/88
meat beat manifesto/12"/helter skelter/90
senor coconut/el gran baile/supertropical (N)
of montreal/coquelicot asleep.../good morning mr.edminton (N)
manic street preachers/know your enemy/ocean spray (N)
fishbone/reality of my surroundings/housework/91
black rebel motorcycle club/brmc/white palms (N)
gary numan/pleasure principle/films/80
monster movie/-ep-/crash landing (N)
headstones/smile & wave/and/96
pinehurst kids/bleed it dry/spinning out (N)
ladybug transistor/argyle heir/fires on the ocean (N)
gorky's zygotic mynci/blue trees/this summer...(N)
U2/pop/last night on earth/97
apoptygma berzerk/welcome to earth/eclipse/00
lemon jelly/lemonjelly.ky/in the bath (N)
>>interview with OF MONTREAL<<
of montreal/coquelicot asleep.../peacock parasols (N)
of montreal/coquelicot asleep.../let's do everything... (N)
book of love/best of/alice everyday/90
ned's atomic dustbin/god fodder/happy/91
the normal/--single--/warm leatherette/81
q-feel/s/t/dancing in heaven/83
skinny puppy/remission/far too frail/85
big audio dynamite/no. 10 upping st/v-thirteen/86
sugarcubes/here today tomorrow next week/regina/89
sixth great lake/up the country/duck pond (N)
incredible moses leroy/electric pocket radio/fuzzy (N)
juno/a future lived in past tense/covered with hair (N)
national skyline/this=everything/reinkiller (N)
keoki/jealousy/rush (N)
eat static/crash and burn/love truncheon (N)
mandalay/solace/not seventeen (N)

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