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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

medicine/the buried life/the pink/93
depeche mode/music for the masses/never let me down/87
dearly departed/believing in ghosts/shadowcasting/03
jane's addiction/nothing's shocking/mountain song/88
pedro the lion/control/rapture/02
saxon shore/exquisite death of/burnt toast vinyl (N)
sonic youth/daydream nation/teenage riot/88
ladytron/witching hour/ryko (N)
postal service/give up/recycled air/03
u2/october/i fall down/82
royksopp/the understanding/astralwerks (N)
tender forever/the soft and the hardcore/k (N)
a.c newman/the slow wonder/matador (N)
amusement parks on fire/s/t/filter (N)
pulp/this is hardcore/a little soul/98
belly/king/now they'll sleep/95
kobi/dronesyndrome/silber (N)
ulrich schnauss/far away trains/domino (N reissue)
morrissey/bona drag/ouija board/92
interpol/turn on the bright lights/the new/02
curve/doppelganger/split into fractions/92
my morning jacket/z/rca (N)
negative format/moving past boundaries/metropolis (N)
visage/s/t/fade to grey/80
go!team/thunder,lightning,strike/columbia (N)
polyphonic spree/together we're heavy/section 10/04
siouxsie and the banshees/hyaena/dear prudence/84
cat power/moon pix/cross bones style/98
alice in chains/jar of flies/don't follow/94

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

smashing pumpkins/gish/rhinocerous/91
my morning jacket/z/rca (N)
swervedriver/mezcal head/blowin cool/93
highwater marks/songs about the ocean/good i feel bad/04
tears for fears/the hurting/change/82
go!team/thunder,lightning,strike/capitol (N)
royksopp/the understanding/astralwerks (N)
ladytron/witching hour/ryko (N)
broadcast/tender buttons/warp (N)
freezepop/forever/plastic stars/01
talk talk/colour of spring/life's what you make it/84
magnetic fields/69 love songs/i don't want to get over you/99
dirty three/cinder/touch and go (N)
u2/achtung baby/until the end of the world/91
candyskins/space i'm in/submarine song/91
secret machines/now here is nowhere/nowhere again/04
inxs/listen like thieves/this time/85
manic street preachers/generation terrorists/stay beautiful/92
latterman/no matter where we go/deep elm (N local)
brian jonestown massacre/give it back/this is why you love me/97
depeche mode/playing the angel/sire (N)
dios/s/t/startime international (N)
the ocean blue/s/t/vanity fair/89
sting/dream of the blue turtles/russians/85
heart throbs/cleopatra grip/she's in a trance/90
james/gold mother/sit down/90
talking heads/little creatures/road to nowhere/85
ulrich schnauss/far away trains/domino (N-reissue with unreleased tracks)
darkside/all that noise/love in a burning universe/91
amusement parks on fire/s/t/filter (N)
saxon shore/exquisite death of/burnt toast vinyl (N)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

way out west/intensify/the fall/01
ladytron/witching hour/ryko (N)
vnv nation/empires/rubicon/00
depeche mode/playing the angel/sire (N)
tom vek/we have sound/star time (N)
latterman/no matter where we go/deep elm (N)
stellastarr/harmonies for the haunted/rca (N)
tender forever/soft and the hardcore/k (N)
mates of state/my solo project/la hov/00
acid house kings/sing along with.../27 (N)
flatmates/love and death 86-89/tell me why/8?
ultravox/lament/dancing with tears in my eyes/84
alias and ehren/lillian/anticon (N)
my morning jacket/z/rca (N)
nirvana/nirvana/you know you're right/94
joy division/still/the only mistake/80
stone roses/s/t/made of stone/89
smiths/louder than bombs/rubber ring/87
elefant/sunlight makes me paranoid/now that i miss her/03
grey area/and then the clouds/waveform (N)
the cure/disintegration/same deep water as you/89
jeff buckley/grace/lilac wine/94
u2/achtung baby/love is blindness/91
the church/starfish/under the milky way/88
amusement parks on fire/s/t/filter (N)
the verve/northern soul/so it goes/95
mad season/above/river of deceit/95
suede/s/t/sleeping pills/93
fiona apple/tidal/never is a promise/96
ulrich schnauss/far away trains passing/domino (reissue

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

the orb/adventures beyond.../little fluffy clouds/92
ian brown/solarized/keep what ya got/05
my bloody valentine/ecstasy and wine/things i miss/88
new order/low-life/perfect kiss/85
m83/before the dawn heals us/don't save us from the flames/05
deathcab for cutie/plans/atlantic (N)
depeche mode/playing the angel/sire (N)
depeche mode/people are people/love in itself/84
tender forever/soft and the hardcore/k (N)
franz ferdinand/you could have it so much better/domino (N)
go! team/thunder, lightning, strike/columbia (N)
killers/hot fuss/andy you're a star/04
skinny puppy/remission EP/far too frail/84
ima robot/s/t/philosophofee/03
my morning jacket/z/rca (N)
tom vek/we have sound/startime (N)
stellastarr/harmonies for the haunted/rca (N)
maybellines/a la carte/best friends (N)
broken social scene/s/t/arts and crafts (N)
dials/flex time/latest flame (N)
brian jonestown massacre/give it back/devil may care/97
david dondero/south of the south/team love (N)
brmc/howl/rca (N)
ladytron/witching hour/ryko (N)
split enz/true colors/i got you/80
jesus and mary chain/psychocandy/something's wrong/85
amusement parks on fire/s/t/filter (N)
u2/compilation/night and day/91
soviet/we are eyes.../circuit love/02
cocteau twins/treasure/aloysius/84
if thousands/i have nothing/silber (N)
timeout drawer/nowonmai/consumer research (N)
kitchens of distinction/strange free world/aspray/90
david bowie/space oddity/space oddity/72

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