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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

NO SHOW FEB 4. reggae-thon instead.

artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

sigur ros/agaetis byrjun/sven englar/00
u2/rattle&hum/van deiman's land/88
the cure/pornography/strange day/82
a-ha/hunting high&low/the sun always shines on tv/85
dubstar/goodbye/just a girl she said/97
radiohead/amnesiac/pyramid song/01
interpol/turn on the bright lights/hands away/02
the damned/anything/alone again or/86
fictional/fictitious/blue lites/99
cocteau twins/heaven or las vegas/heaven or.../90
azure ray/hold on love/new resolution/03
electrelane/the power out/beggars banquet (N)
winterbrief/tickets for a peek/heartcore (N)
poster children/no more songs.../hidden agenda (N)
wannadies/before&after/hidden agenda (N)
skywave/synthstatic/alison-blisscent (N)
speakeasy/return to sender/diy (N local)
say hi to your mom/numbers&mumbles/euphobia (N)
john vanderslice/cellar door/barsuk (N)
chicago underground trio/slon/thrill jockey (N)
satellite lost/bows&arrows../break even (N local)
hair&skin trading co./jo in nine g hell/ground zero/93
longwave/the strangest things/everywhere you turn/03
talk talk/party's over/talk talk/82
human league/dare/seconds/82
spiritualized/pure phase/lay back in the sun/95
throwing muses/real ramona/not too soon/91
juliana hatfield/my so-called life sndtrck/make it home/94
dashboard confessional/places you have.../best deceptions/01
shohei narabe/sketches/l'atelier clair (N)
octavius/audio noir/mush (N)
matthew dear/leave luck to heaven/spectral-ghostly (N)
alcian blue/translucent EP/diy? (N)
7% solution/gabriel's waltz/end of faith/99
joseph arthur/redemption's son/i would rather hide/02
james/born of frustration EP/sunday morning/92
shoestrings/wishing on planes/whipped/98
soviet/we are eyes.../marbleyezed/02
spectrum/glide divine/waves wash over me/92
mojave 3/ask me tomorrow/love songs on the radio/9

friday jan 30th 6pm
freespace show @ kings park KOC

- f*ck cops (hardcore punk)
- the solidarity pact (we had a pact!)
- for those who cant wait (fun positive pop-punk)
- the lineup (not the starting line)
- fellow project (folky rock. joe is a swell guy)

Take an east/west highway to the sunken meadow parkway north. Get off at the PULASKI RD EAST/SM4E/CR-11 EAST exit towards KINGS PARK. Go over main street (25a) and then make a right onto church st and the knights of columbus will be a white building on the right just before the big VFW hall

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

no show feb 4. reggae-thon instead.

artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

spacemen 3/perfect prescription/transparent radiation/87
teenage fanclub/bandwagonesque/starsign/91
pulp/his n hers/lipgloss/94
cornershop/when i was born.../brimful of asha/97
bis/music for a stranger world EP/how can we be strange/01
my favorite/love at absolute zero/go kid go/99
jesus&mary chain/honey's dead/far gone and out/92
buffalo tom/birdbrain/birdbrain/90
lemonheads/come on feel.../great big NO/93
finechina/when the world sings/we rock harder.../01
reformation/EP/2am/03 (local)
dearly departed/remains of..EP/understanding/02 (local)
lux curageous/EP/diy (new. local)
john vanderslice/cellar door/barsuk (N)
mercury rev/all is dream/drop in time/01
lisa gerrard-patrick cassidy/immortal memory/4ad (N)
elbow/cast of thousands/v2 (N)
mice parade/obrigado saudade/bubblecore (N)
matthew dear/leave luck to heaven/spectral (N)
skywave/synthstatic/alison-blisscent (N)
kiethevez/EP/one roman choir/98
peter murphy/deep/cuts you up/90
u2/wide awake in america/a sort of homecoming/85
ocean blue/s/t/frigid winter days/89
depeche mode/black celebration/but not tonite/86
midnite oil/diesel and dust/dreamworld/88
fishbone/truth&soul/one day/88
they might be giants/apollo 18/which describes.../92
the french/local information/too pure (N)
eltro/past&present futurists/absolutely kosher (N)
sigur ros/agaetis bryjun/olsen olsen/00
spiritualized/let it come down/anything more/01
apoptygma berzerk/welcome to earth/moment of tranquility/00
wolfgang press/funky little demons/chains/94
interpol/turn on the bright lights/the new/02
ghost/hypnotic underground/drag city (N)
radio dept./pulling our weight EP/labrador (N)

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

My Favorite (double agent records, go kid go!)

january 23, 2004.
@ the Ultra Sound Lounge
2715 Hempstead Tpke Levittown NY

Wednesday, January 14, 2004


artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

hooters/nervous night/all you zombies/85
massive attack/mezzanine/teardrop/98
u2/?/spanish eyes/87
the verve/urban hymns/catching the butterfly/97
john vanderslice/cellar door/barsuk (N)
mice parade/obrigado saudade/bubblecore (N)
the french/local information/too pure (N)
ghost/hypnotic underground/drag city (N)
reformation/demo EP/2am/03 (local)
skywave/synthstatic/alison-blisscent (N)
alcian blue/translucent EP/diy (N)
abunai/mystic river sound/tomorrow/98
echo&the bunnymen/ocean rain/seven seas/84
stellastarr/s/t/in the walls/03
interpol/turn on the bright lights/stella.../02
smiths/meat is murder/rusholme ruffians/85
ned's atomic dustbin/are you normal/walking through syrup/92
oasis/morning glory/morning glory/95
goldfrapp/black cherry/black cherry/02
the 6ths/hyacinths&thistles/as you turn to go/00
hooverphonic/blue wonder power milk/dictionary/98
primal scream/xtrmntr/keep your dreams/00
radiohead/ok computer/paranoid android/97
gary numan/telekon/i die you die/82
altered images/happy birthday/happy birthday/82
wolfsheim/no happy view/sparrows&nightingales/92
screaming trees/singles sndtrck/nearly lost you/92
the cure/disintegration/fascination street/89
moldy peaches/s/t/nothing came out/01
elbow/cast of thousands/v2 (N)
radio dept./pulling our weight/labrador (N)
stone roses/s/t/shoot you down/89
pulp/his n hers/happy endings/94
telefon tel aviv/map of.../hefty (N)
bluetech/prima materia/waveform (N)
spiritualized/live/walking with jesus/98

Friday January 16th. 6pm. FREE. all ages.
@ Wading River Congregational Church

On The Might Of Princes
The Backup Plan
The Reformation
The John Stamos Project
Jon K (Of Bookstore/cedar beach fame)

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

1.7.04 ---2004!!! the future is here!

artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

orbital/orbital 2/halcyon +on/92
david bowie/space oddity/space oddity/69
juliana hatfield/hey babe/everybody loves me but you/92
air/10,000 hz legend/radio #1/01
crystal method/legion of boom/v2 (N)
the french/local information/too pure (N)
kraftwerk/computer world/pocket calculator/81
space robot scientists/unreleased demo cd/track 4 (N local)
the fitness/call me for together/control group (N)
breeders/last splash/no aloha/93
pixies/doolittle/monkey gone to heaven/89
elbow/cast of thousands/v2 (N)
byrds/fifth dimension/8 miles high/66
kid silver/dead city sunbeams/hey trespasser/97
suede/stay together EP/stay together/94
milltown brothers/slinky/apple green/91
strokes/room on fire/rca (N)
medicine/buried life/something goes wrong/94
wolfsheim/spectators/kunstliche welten/01
front 242/tyranny for you/tragedy for you/91
apoptygma berzerk/7/deep red/98
ministry/psalm 69/jesus built my hotrod/92
pop will eat itself/this is the hour.../def con one/89
jesus&mary chain/sidewalking 12"/taste of cindy-april skies (live)/88
primal scream/come together EP/i'm losing more.../90
culture club/kissing to be clever/do you really want to hurt me/82
sugar/copper blue/helpless/91
the emergency/how can you move/ygoal (N)
shins/chutes too narrow/subpop (N)
ride/leave them all behind EP/grasshopper/92
slowdive/pygmalion/blue skied an clear/94
dream academy/s/t/life in a northern town/85
radio dept./pulling our weight/labrador (N)
kimya dawson/knock knock who/important (N)
fiona apple/tidal/sullen girl/96
nine inch nails/downward spiral/hurt/94

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

top 30 of 2003. kenyon hopkin.
WUSB 90.1 FM, allmusic, long island press, etc.
sorta in order, sorta not.

4. my morning jacket: it still moves (rca)
5. fischerspooner: #1 (capitol)
6. appleseed cast: two conversations (tiger style)
7. radiohead: hail to the thief (capitol)
8. stellastarr: s/t (rca)
9. junior senior: d-d-don't stop the beat (atlantic)
10.death in vegas: scorpio rising (sanctuary)
11.jeff hanson: son (kill rock stars)
12.mojave 3: spoon and rafter (4ad)
13.elefant: sunlight makes me paranoid (kemado)
14.the rapture: echoes (universal)
15.yo la tengo: summer sun (matador)
16.saturday looks good to me: all your summer songs (polyvinyl)
17.brmc: take them on, on your own (virgin)
18.delgados: hate (beggars)
19.south: with the tides (kinetic)
20.deathcab for cutie: transatlanticism (barsuk)
21.shins: chutes too narrow (subpop)
22.singapore sling: curse of... (stinky)
23.mates of state: team boo (polyvinyl)
24.entrance: the kingdom of...(tiger style)
25.clearlake: cedars (domino)
26.slipstream: transcendental (hidden agenda)
27.adam green: friends of mine (sanctuary)
28.club 8: strangely beautiful (hidden agenda)
29.crooked fingers: red devil dawn (merge)
30.elliott: song in the air (revelation)

more records that probably should be here:
grandaddy, manitoba, longwave, goldfrapp, hot cross.

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