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Wednesday, November 01, 2000


artist/album/cut (N)=new
*all music released in 2000*

sarah mclachlan/plastic comp 3/i love you (bt mix)
versus/hurrah/you'll be sorry (N)
damon & naomi/with ghost/new world (N)
jets to brazil/four cornered night/air traffic control (N)
adventures in stereo/monomania/dust to ashes (N)
U2/all that you can't leave behind/new york (N)
go-betweens/friends of.../the clock (N)
casiocore/s/t/here we go (N)
mooney suzuki/people get ready/singin' a song...(N)
kitty craft/catskills/comeback queen (N)
super furry animals/mwng/y gwyneb iau
blur/[single]/music is my radar (N)
all natural lemon and lime flavors/straight blue.../repetitive...(N)
aluminum group/pelo/satellite (N)
apoptygma berzerk/welcome to earth/eclipse
covenant/united states of mind/one world one sky
vnv nation/empires/rubicon
ladytron/commodore rock/playgirl
pepe deluxe/supersound/beat experience (N)
red stars theory/ep/and often off again (N)
laurent garnier/unreasonable behaviour/city sphere (N)
pj harvey/stories from.../big exit (N)
eleventh dream day/stalled parade/stalled parade (N)
mascott/follow the sound/birds that cannot fly (N)
mates of state/my solo project/proofs (N)
wesley willis/rush hour/good news is rock n roll (N)
mean red spiders/starsandsons/yes, i call (N)
photon band/oh, the sweet.../genius (N)
plastilina mosh/juan manuel/boombox baby (N)
high llamas/buzzle bee/tambourine day (N)
dave ralph/love parade/deep blue (N)
bt/plastic comp 4/never gonna come back down (N)

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