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Wednesday, July 27, 2005


artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

supergrass/in it for the money/in it for the money/97
primal scream/screamadelica/movin on up/91
pop will eat itself/this is the day.../inject me/89
verve/storm in heaven/slide away/93
scissor sisters/s/t/laura/04
secret machines/now here is nowhere/the road leads../04
gravy train!!!!/are you wigglin/kill rock stars (N)
trashed on fiction/show me-show you/esche (N local)
raveonettes/pretty in black/columbia (N)
cloudroom/s/t/gigantic (N)
flatmates/86-89/happy all the time
belle and sebastian/tigermilk/just a baby/96
brian jonestown massacre/take it from the man/who?/96
nirvana/unplugged/man who sold the world/94
vaselines/the way of..../jesus wants me for a sunbeam/92
orange juice/glasgow school/domino (N reissue)
smiths/queen is dead/cemetary gates/86
arcade fire/funeral/track 1/04
mercury rev/secret migration/v2 (N)
polyphonic spree/together we're heavy/diamonds/04
my morning jacket/at dawn/hopefully/01
sufjan stevens/illinoise/asthmatic kitty (N)
massive attack/mezzanine/teardrop/97
new order/lowlife/perfect kiss/85
magnetic fields/69 love songs/crazy for you/99
radiohead/hail to the thief/where i end and you begin/03
sonic youth/goo/tunic/90
pale saints/in ribbons/throwing back the apple/92
bunky/born to be a motorcycle/asthmatic kitty (N)
russian futurists/our thickness/upperclass (N)
hefner/dead media/when the angels play..../01
depeche mode/black celebration/here is the house/86
peter murphy/love hysteria/time has got nothing to do with it/88
bernard butler/people move on/stay/98
joanna newsom/milk eyed mender/sprout and bean/04
spacemen 3/playing with fire/revolution/88
idaho falls/concrete prairies/tone-2 (N)
james/born of frustration EP/sunday morning/92

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

depeche mode/music for the masses/pimpf/87
new order/substance/ceremony/81
yeah yeah yeahs/fever to tell/y control/02
sloan/pretty together/if it feels good do it/01
elefant/sunlight makes me paranoid/misfit/03
embrace/out of nothing/lava (N)
oasis/don't believe the truth/epic (N)
soundtrack of our lives/origin vol 1/universal (N)
cloud room/s/t/gigantic (N)
strokes/is this it/modern age/01
vaselines/the way of.../you think you're a man/92
nobody/and everything else/plug (N)
elkland/golden/columbia (N)
longwave/there's a fire/rca (N)
ima robot/s/t/scream/03
pulp/this is hardcore/tv movie/98
brian jonestown massacre/give it back/the devil may care/97
laura cantrell/humming by.../matador (N)
stephen malkmus/face the truth/matador (N)
joy zipper/american whip/baby you should know/05
mike doughty/haughty melodic/ato (N)
stone roses/s/t/elephant stone/89
placebo/sleeping with ghosts/this picture/03
jj72/s/t/long way south/01
public image ltd/this is what you want.../not a love song/84
soft cell/non-stop erotic cabaret/sex dwarf/81
radiohead/pablo honey/anyone can play guitar/93
jane/berserker/paw tracks (N)
populous/queue for love/morr (N)
mercury rev/secret migration/v2 (N)
mates of state/our constant concern/hoarding it for home/02
big blue marble/stars in suburbia/? (N)
inspiral carpets/revenge of the goldfish/two worlds collide/93
levellers/s/t/this garden/95
currituck co/ghost man on second/troubleman unlimited (N)
earth/dissolution III/troubleman unlimited (N)
the cure/disintegration/disintegration/89
cocteau twins/heaven or las vegas/pitch the baby/90
entre rios/onda/darla (N)
daft punk/human after all/virgin (N)
passengers/original soundtracks 1/miss sarejevo/95

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

killers/hot fuss/things that i've done/04
brian jonestown massacre/give it back/servo/97
blur/leisure/there's no other way/91
skywave/echodrone/baby it's just you/00
smiths/louder than bombs/is it really so strange?/87
the charade/best is yet to come/skipping stones (N)
hot hot heat/elevator/sire (N)
wolf parade/s/t EP/subpop (N)
brendan benson/alternative to love/v2 (N)
kinski/alpine static/subpop (N)
daft punk/human after all/virgin (N)
lali puna/i thought i was over that/morr (N)
human league/dare/love action/82
simple minds/sparkle in the rain/up on the catwalk/84
thee more shallows/more deep cuts/turn (N)
mercury rev/sercret migration/v2 (N)
luscious jackson/electric honey/ladyfingers/99
the ocean blue/beneath the rhythm and sound/crash/93
swervedriver/mezcal head/duel/93
jesus and mary chain/honey's dead/almost gold/92
interpol/antics/take you on a cruise/04
sufjan stevens/illinoise/asthmatic kitty (N)
longwave/there's a fire/rca (N)
cloud room/s/t/gigantic (N)
the darkside/melomania/always pleasure/92
the cure/the top/catepillar/84
joy division/substance/novelty/79
pulp/his n hers/acrylic afternoons/94
duran duran/seven and the ragged tiger/new moon on monday/83
delays/faded seaside glamour/long time coming/04
embrace/out of nothing/lava (N)
architecture in helsinki/in case we die/barnone (N)
russian futurists/our thickness/upperclass (N)
meat beat manifesto/at the center/thirsty ear (N)
they might be giants/apollo 18/the guitar/92
charlatans/some friendly/sprosten green/91
magnetic fields/69 love songs/all my little words/99
fiona apple/tidal/sullen girl/96
spiritualized/lazer guided melodies/you know it's true--if i were with her now/92

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

gary numan/replicas/i nearly married a human/79
folk implosion/the new folk implosion/brand of skin/03
new order/technique/run/89
hot hot heat/elevator/sire (N)
mixel pixel/contact kid/kanine (N)
lali puna/i thought i was over that/morr (N reissue)
daft punk/human after all/virgin (N)
ladytron/light and magic/flicking your switch/02
cornershop/when i was born for the 7th time/brimful of asha/97
russian futurists/our thickness/upperclass (N)
oxford collapse/good ground/kanine (N)
>>>>>interview with mixel pixel<<<<<<<<<<
longwave/there's a fire/rca (N)
cloud room/s/t/gigantic (N)
brendan benson/alternative to love/v2 (N)
my favorite/happiest days of our lives/suburbs are killing us/02
ned's atomic dustbin/god fodder/capitol letters/91
maximo park/certain trigger/warp (N)
dressy bessy/electrified/transdreamer (N)
high water marks/songs about the ocean/good i feel bad/04
fine china/jaws of life/common wall (N)
hopewell/birds of appetite/teepee (N)
palaxy tracks/twelve rooms/peek-a-boo (N)
embrace/out of nothing/atlantic (N)
mercury rev/secret migration/v2 (N)
kraftwerk/minimum-maximum/astralwerks (N live)
nobody/and everything else/plug (N)
brian jonestown massacre/bravery, repetition and noise/sailor/01
ken stringfellow/soft commands/when u find someone/04
manual/azure vista/darla (N)

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

tomorrow, wednesday, july 6

phone interview with lo-fi indie rock band MIXEL PIXEL (kanine records)

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