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Friday, April 21, 2000


artist/album/cut (N)=new

apoptygma berzerk/welcome to earth/starsign (N)
essex green/ep/fabulous day (N)
oasis/standing on..../put yer money where your mouth is (N)
charlatans/between 10th and 11th/don't wanna see the sights
yo la tengo/and then nothing..../you can have it all...(N)
plankeye/relocation/say now that you're sorry (N)
primal scream/exterminator/kill all hippies (N)
UNKLE/psyence fiction/main title theme
they might be giants/apollo 18/see the constellation
the verve/ep/longest day
dynomite d/by the way/bombin' subways (N)
throwing muses/real ramona/not too soon
flock of seagulls/flock of seagulls/space age love song
duran duran/duran duran/is there something i should know
boomtown rats/best of/up all night
beatles/'62-'66/she loves you
public image ltd/9/disappointed
ramones/rocket to russia/do you wanna dance
depeche mode/people are people/get the balance right
REM/eponymous/driver 8
melange/vorgon massive comp/cloud world (N)
clayton&mullen/soundtrack/mission: impossible
lockgroove/sleeping on.../chinese new year (N)
stone roses/stone roses/this is the one
stereolab/transient random.../analogue rock
radiohead/pablo honey/anyone can play guitar
busy signals/baby's first beats/low on the food chain (N)
kristin hersh/hips and makers/your ghost
squab teen/dance america/it's more fun to compute
rinocerose/installation/sublimior (N)

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