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Monday, August 07, 2000


artist/album/cut (N)=new

medicine/shot forth self living/one more
go robot, go!/supervacation/sun city suicide (N)
cocteau twins/treasure/ivo
czars/before but longer/val (N)
elastica/single/mad dog (N)
jawbreaker/dear you/save your generation
analogue/rock proper/that ain't... (N)
tarwater/animals, suns and atoms/song of the moth (N)
they might be giants/s/t/puppet head
bernard butler/people move on/not alone
coyabalites/ska down her way comp/my boy lollipop
spring heel jack/disappeared/rachel point (N)
babalu/electronic watusi boogaloo comp/time 3 (N)
iqu/teenage dream/can't you even...(N)
joy electric/robot rock/joy electric land
loreena mckennitt/live/murmurs' dance
joy division/substance/these days
the verve/no come down/6 o'clock
clan of xymox/creatures/jasmine and rose
dj cam/loa project/millenium (N)
sex pistols/live/god save the queen
gandharvas/sold for a smile/downtime
the smiths/best of/nowhere fast
spiritualized/pure phase/these blues
jeff buckley/live/mojo pin
white lion/pride/when the children cry
jane wiedlin/fur/rush hour
human league/7"/fascination
flock of seagulls/listen/wishing
michael jackson/thriller/billie jean
book of love/s/t/boy
icehouse/man of colours/crazy
vnv nation/empires/rubicon
apoptygma berzerk/welcome to earth/starsign
art of noise/best of/close to the edit
space robot scientists/at home with machines/sanitize
siouxsie & the banshees/best of/passenger
jack drag/aviating/aviating (N)
southpacific/constance/analogue 9
oval/process/track 2 (N)

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