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Thursday, February 01, 2001


artist/album/cut/year (N)=new

depeche mode/music for the masses/pimpf/88
air/moon safari/la femme d'argent/98
orange peels/so far/back in san francisco (N)
donnas/turn 21/little boy (N)
acetone/york blvd/things are gonna be...(N)
takako minekawa/maxi on/maxi on (N)
internal/external/inside out -ep-/inside-outside (N)
built to spill/keep it like a secret/the plan/99
in one/ascension/sour yellow state/95
hooverphonic/blue wonder power milk/one way ride/98
gentle waves/swansong for you/solace for pain (N)
red telephone/cellar songs/possibility shop (N)ladytron/604/discotrax (N)
primal scream/xtrmntr/keep your dreams/00
blur/modern life is rubbish/chemical world/94
coldplay/parachutes/don't panic (N)
add n to x/add insult to injury/you must create/00
velvet acid christ/twisted thought../hypersphere/00
alien #six13/too good for radio -comp/desire (N)
carter USM/30 something/anytime anyplace anywhere/93
talk talk/party's over/talk talk/83
covenant/united states of mind/dead stars/00
thompson twins/side kicks/lies/85
ministry/twitch/just like you/87
front 242/best of/welcome to paradise/8?
eurythmics/best of/sweet dreams/85
u2/boy/electric co./80
rem/eponymous/finest worksong/87
arrested development/-hip hop comp/tennessee/91
single gun theory/like stars in my hand/from a million miles/91
warlocks/s/t/cocaine blues (N)
brian jonestown massacre/zero -ep-/sailor (N)
japancakes/sleepy strange/the waiting (N)
death by chocolate/s/t/land of chocolate (N)
i am the world trade center/build your radio -comp-/dream machine...(N)
god lives underwater/life in the.../from your mouth/97
darkside/all that noise/she don't come/92
action slacks/scene's out of sight/folding chair (N)
call and response/s/t/blowing bubbles (N)
p'taah/decompressed/flying high (N)

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