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Monday, May 31, 2004

someone upstate found the show and mentioned it on their blog on may 25: http://mysteryandmisery.com/

Wednesday, May 26, 2004


artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

total new records: 21

massive attack/protection/protection/95
primal scream/screamadelica/loaded/91
charlatans/some friendly/the only one i know/91
soup dragons/lovegod/mother universe/91
delays/faded seaside glamour/rough trade (N)
streets/grand don't come for free/vice (N)
just jack/outer marker/tvt (N)
magnetic fields/i/nonesuch (N)
real tuesday weld/i,lucifer/six degrees (N)
devendra banhart/rejoicing in the hands/young god (N)
broken spindles/fulfilled-complete/saddle creek (N)
the fever/red bedroom/kemado (N)
sloan/action pact/koch (N)
detachment kit/of this blood/frenchkiss (N)
patrick wolf/lycanthropy/tomlab (N)
olympic hopefuls/fuses refuse to burn/2024 (N)
dykehouse/midrange/ghostly (N)
beta band/heroes to zeros/astralwerks (N)
athlete/vehicles&animals/astralwerks (N)
starsailor/silence is easy/some of us/04
somnambulants/evacuation/clairaudience (N)
freezepop/fancy ultra fresh/archenemy (N)
joy electric/robot rock/joy electric land/97
the the/soul mining/this is the day/83
pulp/different class/sorted for e's and whizz/95
smiths/louder than bombs/you just haven't earned it/87
robyn hitchcock/perspex island/so you think.../91
ride/carnival of light/crown of creation/94
wolfsheim/casting shadows/find you're gone/02
cocteau twins/treasure/pandora/84
ocean blue/cerulean/separate reality/91
the verve/urban hymns/lucky man/97
dear nora/mountain rock/magic marker (N)
of montreal/satanic panic.../polyvinyl (N)
architechture in helsinki/fingers crossed/barnone (N)
the owls/our hopes&dreams/magic marker (N)
electronic/s/t/get the message/91
spiritualized/complete works 1/why don't you smile/92
flaming lips/yoshimi.../are you a hypnotist/02
swervedriver/raise/rave down/91
teenage fanclub/bandwagonesque/the concept/91

Wednesday, May 19, 2004


artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

mojave 3/ask me tomorrow/mercy/95
radiohead/kid a/how to disappear/00
dead can dance/toward the within/american dreaming/94
the cure/pornography/short term effect/82
brian jonestown massacre/methodrone/everyone says/95
beta band/heros to zeros/astralwerks (N)
patrick wolf/lycanthropy/tomlab (N)
passage/forcefield kids/anticon (N)
architecture in helsinki/fingers crossed/barnone (N)
freezepop/fancy ultra fresh/archenemy (N)
ladytron/light&magic/blue jeans/02
daft punk/homework/da funk/97
sloan/action pact/koch (N)
delays/faded seaside glamour/rough trade (N)
french kicks/trial of the century/startime (N)
pedro the lion/achilles heal/jade tree (N)
ned's atomic dustbin/god fodder/your complex/91
drop 19s/delaware/winona/91
everclear/sparkle&fade/heartspark dollarsign/95
jesus&mary chain/barbed wire kisses/everythings alrite.../88
astral/orchids/mlp (N)
elefant/sunlight makes me paranoid/now that i miss her/03
mus/fai/darla (N)
smiths/s/t/you've got everything now/84
camper van beethoven/telephone free.../take the skinheads bowling/85
the rapture/echoes/echoes/03
pulp/his n hers/lipgloss/94
jj72/s/t/long way south/01
depeche mode/black celebration/question of time/86
vnv nation/praise the fallen/joy/98
postal service/give up/nothing better/03
magnetic fields/i/nonesuch (N)
raveonettes/whip it on/attack of the ghostrider/02
saint etienne/foxbase alpha/only love can break your heart/92
starsailor/silence is easy/silence is easy/04
dear nora/mountain rock/magic marker (N)
from bubblegum to sky/nothing sadder.../eenie meenie (N)
white stripes/white blood cells/...to be a gentleman/01
jeff buckley/grace/hallelujah/94
suede/s/t/pantomime horse/93

Wednesday, May 12, 2004


artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

doors/s/t/the end/67
sigur ros/( )/track 4/01
dearly departed/believing in ghosts/one day savior (N local)
a perfect circle/13th step/noose/04
interpol/turn on the bright lights/hands away/02
joy division/unknown pleasures/insight/79
apoptygma berzerk/7/mourn/98
fischerspooner/#1/the 15th/02
human league/dare/seconds/82
sloan/action pact/koch (N)
encrypt manuscript/dialogues/tone library (N local)
the rapture/echoes/sister savior/03
on!air!library!/s/t/arena rock (N)
yacht/super warren mmiv/states rights (N)
the blow/bonus album/some chocolates/02
from bubblegum to sky/nothing sadder.../eenie meenie (N)
mirah/cmon miracle/k (N)
timber!/circle the wagons EP/reason y (N)
pedro the lion/achilles heel/jade tree (N)
magnetic fields/i/nonesuch (N)
of montreal/satanic panic.../polyvinyl (N)
polyphonic spree/beginning stages..../hanging around/02
adam green/friends of mine/jessica/03
mercury rev/all is dream/tides of the moon/01
radiohead/kid a/morning bell/00
morrissey/viva hate/every day is like sunday/88
peter murphy/love hysteria/time..../88
the verve/northern soul/history/95
assemblage 23/defiance/document/02
blur/modern life is rubbish/chemical world/93
brian jonestown massacre/strung out.../wasting away/98
walkmen/bows&arrows/little house of savages/04
holland/i steal &do drugs/teenbeat (N)
komeda/kokomemedada/minty fresh (N)
rollerball/behind the barber/silber (N)
silent league/the orchestra.../file 13 (N)
starsailor/silence is easy/some of us/04
spiritualized/pure phase/spread your wings/95
manual/the north shore/darla (N)

Wednesday, May 05, 2004


artist/album/cut/approx. year
label in place of cut for (N)ew release

tears for fears/songs from the big chair/working hour/85
sea ray/stars at noon/revelry/03
pedro the lion/control/rapture/01
death in vegas/scorpio rising/hands around my throat/03
the rapture/echoes/killing/03
magnetic fields/i/nonesuch (N)
magnetic fields/wayward bus/when you were my baby/92
of montreal/satanic panic.../polyvinyl
repercussions/don't fear/esche (N local)
bis/return to central/silver spoon/01
komeda/kokomemedada/minty fresh (N)
starsailor/silence is easy/capitol (N)
silent league/the orchestra.../file 13 (N)
on!air!library!/s/t/arena rock (N)
astral/orchids/mlp (N)
the cure/17 seconds/a forest/81
soviet/we are eyes.../candy girl/02
system 22/velocity trip/until you say you are/02
from bubblegum to sky/nothing sadder.../eenie meenie (N)
mirah/c'mon miracle/k (N)
david bowie/low/always crashing in the same car/77
pulp/we love life/birds in your garden/02
raveonettes/chain gang of love/love can destroy everything/03
joy division/box set/atmosphere (live, alternate lyrics)/80
kiwi/anarchists have more fun/with friends.../03
space robot scientists/aggro disco/esche (N local)
radiohead/hail to the thief/sit down stand up/03
lali puna/faking the books/morr (N)
walkmen/bows&arrows/wb (N)
slipstream/transcendental/just you and me/03
stone roses/s/t/waterfall/89
spacemen 3/perfect prescription/ode to hassle street/87
spiritualized/let it come down/stop your crying/01
u2/rattle & hum/all i want is you/89
pale horse & rider/moody pike/darla (N)

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

The Blow (K records)
YACHT (state's rights records. indie electronic.)
Bobby Birdman (state's rights records. sadcore)
God's Angels (?)
Tugboat (?cool??)
The Becca and Jeffs (indie electronic)

All using the same equipment, no set changes!


8PM Tuesday. May 11th, 2004.
All ages. $6
@the University Cafe, Student Union.
Stony Brook University. stony brook.

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